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Topic: The new "big band-ish" demo

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    The new "big band-ish" demo

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    I\'ve posted a new version of the tune at


    Its a bit over compressed, the Low brass is too over powering for the saxes, and there is some \"off alignment\" issues, but overall you get teh gist of it.

    the old one for comparison is at


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    Re: The new "big band-ish" demo

    IMHO much much much better....

    Using the shakes and bends liven it up so much and you lost that general , midi plonky feeling from first one..

    I like the compression, it makes it nice and pumped..maybe try to dirty it up a bit with a tape simulator...

    Weak points, that bass is still pretty plonky...
    And there is still some midi block chordiness here and there, but hey it\'s a sample mock up, and I couldn\'t imagine harder category then a big band...

    If there are SFX over this, then it\'s great!



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    Re: The new "big band-ish" demo

    You\'re a brave soul doing a big band mock up! Overall, I think it\'s great. I personally think the compression works in your favor on this one.

    My only criticism is that the shaker feels like it\'s too far behind the beat, and midway through the foot closed hihat jumps out a bit (in relation to the rest of the drum kit).

    Really though, I\'m very impressed! Nice work!

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    Re: The new "big band-ish" demo


    cool, glad its better. I\'m hoping it goes over well with the client. There\'s definitely SFX over it. It works quite nicely IMO, but I\'m too close to it [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

    I\'m not sure what I can do about the bass. It walks a lot more in the middle of the piece, its just playing that \"riff\" in the beginning that is kinda \"plonky\" in its own right. I want the bass to lead into that riff so I dont think there\'s much I can do. Except maybe try playing it better [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]


    Thanks, I agree that the shaker\'s a little behind. Its an alignment issue, I mixed in a different environment and didn\'t calculate the offsets correctly. Easy to fix. Tho I think I may find some good loops, then manipulate and use those instead for a much more realistic feel.

    The hi-hat, someone else mentioned this, they were originally louder!! I\'ll move them down a bit. I kind of like how they come in and drive the groove a bit more tho. It works with the video really well. I dont want to bury them, and make them \"subtle\". I\'d rather they be a bit more in front than too far behind. Again tho. I may be too close to this. If I could show you the video I would [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: The new "big band-ish" demo

    King, is there a reason why you didn\'t use upright bass (Giga Bass)? I think that upright would give is an extra shot of realism.

    Honestly, the reeds and brass are probably the best mock-up I\'ve heard yet for big band. Nice work.

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    Re: The new "big band-ish" demo


    I only have VR Sound uprigth Bass, and Dan Dean\'s acoustic Bass.

    This one here is VR Sound. Its just the one I went for first. I prolly should have used DD instead, as I can get some realistic performances out of it, even the slap bass. There\'s jsut some nice noises in VR Sounds\'. I honestly need ot spend more time with the DD upright to \"know\" it better.

    I want to get Layer Seyer\'s, and am waiting for Hans to finish his.

    then Scarbee\'s gotta do one at some point [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]


    I did post this in the sample lib forum too, but for different reasons. I wanted the music talk to sta out in the OT realm and the sample talk to stay in the sample lib forum. Its hard to seperate them tho. Especially since there\'s alot of BOTH to talk about [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

    like...with the drums, is it the samples that are bad, or is it the writing?... or is it the mix... [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

    (its actually all of the above if you ask me)

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    Re: The new "big band-ish" demo

    whenever I use Larry Seyer\'s bass my jazz, Latin, folk tunes all get an injection of \'real\'. You should get it and try it on this jazz arrangement you have.

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    Re: The new "big band-ish" demo


    Did you play this in real time here?

    I would love to hear a pop Jazz arrangment of a familiar tune using this instrumentation to see its flexibilities..

    Alan Russell

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    Re: The new "big band-ish" demo


    yah EVERYONE\'s been telling me about that CD, so I need to buy it. I will for sure. Just waiting on a check from a client, we\'ll see how the budget is from that, if not then after the next one, or when an advance comes in [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]


    Some of it is, alot of it is step writting with random movements of notes. I drew alot of the CC data in after the fact. Its actually extremely simple to do, since its not like normal expression. You draw it a bit differently since oyu have to think more in terms of speed rather than volume.

    MAybe its the way my brain works, but I took to it fairly well.

    I think I jsut have a knack for puzzles and math or something so this method works for me, jsut like Editing programs and finding out complex scripts to batch things. I jsut wish I knew some more music theory so I could use it as a puzzle technique [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

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    Re: The new "big band-ish" demo


    There are some great sounds here. In the beginning after the intro, the toms sound a bit behind the beat when you actually want them to be on top (in front) of the beat - driving and pushing. Advancing the NoteOn times a percentage might do the trick. Also, with jazz drumming in this style, you typically hear the Hi-Hat being pedaled down on 2 & 4 - not as loud as when you have the sticks playing 2&4 later in the music but low and present. Just a few ideas.

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