i wanna get into video game music production and therefor i need adresses of available studies focusing on this musical production sector (eg. i need to learn MS Direct Music to be able to make (interactive) music for consoles as well as by now i am only familar with standard sequencers like Logic and Cubase which are not usebal for console music production as i heard).
in case that there are no studies specializing in game music production by now i also thought about another common way to get into it by doing a practical training in a studio focusing on game music production.
i browsed around in the web but couldnt find much concerning these desired adresses: do u know some adresses of studies/studios focusing on video game music production which u could provide me? i would move all over the planet [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img] for a good education so the location of the institute/studio doesnt matter.

thanx so much for ur help!!!