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Topic: Best weighted-action master keyboard

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    Best weighted-action master keyboard

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    After my first gig as a pianist with our local symphony orchestra, it is clear that my Yamaha P-80 is not the ideal tool for the job. The sound should be easy enough to fix with a notebook running Gigasampler and one of the big piano libraries. But what about the action? Training as a classical pianist I am fairly picky about keyboard feel. Every digital piano and weighted-action syntheziser I┤ve tried so far has too light keys for true piano technique. Only the P-80 has given me the proper weight so far. But I find it exceedingly difficult to control the sound in the ppp-pp range, no doubt because the design of the action is very different from that of a true piano.

    What is, then, in your opinion the master keyboard (or digital piano) with the very best keyboard action on the market? I┤ve read that Kawai has a digital piano which tries to mimic the action of a grand as closely as possible. Any comments? Do you know of any manufacturer that might even build a master keyboard using a proper grand piano action?

    Thank you for your help.

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    Re: Best weighted-action master keyboard

    I too like the action of the Yamaha P-80 but its velocity curves (a choice of three) are not sensitive enough for what you are looking for - as you stated. It also is not a good controller in that it does not have a mod wheel etc. You might move up the line to the P-200 or P-250 which probably have better curves. When I was last in the market both Roland and Kawai also has some KBs with good piano action. Only a trip to your local music store will tell. Let us know what you find.

    PS. You used a P-80 to play with a symphony orchestra?

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    Re: Best weighted-action master keyboard

    Disappointed by the P80\'s performance, I am now using a Studiologic SL990 (made by Fatar). This is a very basic controller --no splits, no mod wheel and such. It\'s a staightforward piano-like controller. The feel is actually pretty good --comparable, imo, to a quality upright--not too light or heavy. It does a credible job of replicating the feel of weighted keys and the hammer action of an actual piano. I like the responsiveness of this keyboard. It\'s price, imo, is unbeatable.

    My only complaint is that I\'ve had some keys \"die\" this month (after a year of playing) ---requiring a trip to the repair shop (hopefully, fingers crossed, this won\'t be too expensive). It\'s well worth a look. YMMV.

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    Re: Best weighted-action master keyboard

    Dude i found the Fatar SL990 retails for $1075 at Guitar center for $400 it is way kewl!!! Only bad that i did not like is no pitch or mod wheel but the action is great [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: Best weighted-action master keyboard

    Well I\'ve heard of an interesting thing: You can transform your \"real\" piano in a midi-keyboard! Well, they said it costs about 1000 euro. Could be interesting for a pianist.

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