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Topic: Powercore and firewire version

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    Powercore and firewire version

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    Anyone using Powercore PCI solution.

    Any opinions how results fare compared to Waves Plug-ins?

    Also, anyone try the firewire version of Powercore? (I couldn\'t believe the firewire version was listing for only $250 US!!!! Is that true by other people\'s accounts)

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    Re: Powercore and firewire version

    The powercore plug-ins are very good. Where did you see this listing at $250?

    That seems very cheap to me. I remember somthing closer to US$1000.

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    Re: Powercore and firewire version

    yes, it is too cheap. when I saw that price (I think at SonicControl or someplace like that..can\'t remember) I looked at my wife with a big grin and knew I\'d be getting it.

    But recently, I went to sweetwater.com and they have it for $1000+. So I knew immeditately the $250 had to be a mistake. i mean it\'s a DSP stand alone processor from a reputable company..$250...impossible.

    But it was a nice moment of hope. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img]

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