And they say they\'re hoping for July (but urge us not to hope too much.) VSampler was my first softsampler, so I\'m looking forward to this release. I\'m not assoicated with this company, except as an owner of the previous version, VS2.

Still in beta now, with a few bugs, but it looks really good--still has graphical editing of amp and filter ADSR, built in effects, big readable keyboard mapping area (Kontakt sounds good, but I don\'t like trying to edit the map in it). Plays Giga instruments, although like Kontakt, it has to decompress the samples to do so. )Plays as standalone or as a VSTI\\DXI. You can load multiple instances of the VSTI\\DXI version.

New version will include a bundled piano for another $30 or so. No details about this yet. In any case, there\'s a preview of the softsampler with good graphics at: