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Topic: mixing choir with strings

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    mixing choir with strings

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    I\'m having trouble mixing my choir sounds into the pieces I\'m working on. The choir voices seem to occupy so much of the spectrum that they muddle everything. I\'m using the Advanced Orchestral Choir and GOS. the choir voices already seem really bright but when I take enough out of the high end to allow the strings to be heard, they no longer sound like they\'re in the same space, and taking out the low makes them sound crappy and unrealistic. Has anyone grappled with this? Any advice would be appreciated [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: mixing choir with strings

    Without hearing it, I can only suggest what I have had to do with groups of voices that \"suck\" up the spectrum.

    You\'ve tried cutting the highs and lows, but there is a lot of mid frequency information that can be pulled out of the choir without sacrificing intelligibility.

    Try cutting anywhere from 800 hz up to 1.5khz, or even 2 khz. Subsequently, that\'s where a lot of the \"meat\" for the strings exist, and by cutting some mids from the voices, you\'ll create more space for the strings.

    Again, not having heard your particular situation, I can only go by what I\'ve done in similiar situations. Just remember, a little goes a long way.

    Hope that helps...

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