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Topic: My newly redesigned web site

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    My newly redesigned web site

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    Same URL, different look:


    And as some of you may know, I joined the ranks of the unemployed recently.. so if you\'re interested in a shiny new web site, drop me a private message.

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    Re: My newly redesigned web site

    Sam, very nice mate! Much more modern than the other design.

    Nice use of 8bit graphics to keep down the load time too. [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

    Sorry to hear your news, are you looking for more work as a designer/developer or will you make a go of full time composing?

    Regards, Scott.

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    Re: My newly redesigned web site


    Finding a web/tech job around here is a nightmare. I\'m going to try, but I don\'t expect much out of it. I\'ve got a few demos that I sent out.. if the timing is right, maybe I\'ll land a major gig and I\'ll be set. If I CAN go full-time with the music, I will. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: My newly redesigned web site

    well, look at you with all your free time, redesigning websites and such...
    As I said , hang in.
    Nice site.
    By the by, safari wouldn\'t open the links. Had to switch to explorer.
    Now get back to composing...


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    Re: My newly redesigned web site

    Safari wouldn\'t open the links?? Hmm. There\'s no funky JavaScript going on there.. just basic links. I hear Safari is still in beta though, is that true?

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    Re: My newly redesigned web site

    I really like your new website. Nice design and great music. I especially like the first demo. Those trumpets actually sound good!

    The only thing I find a bit dumb is that we are unable to download the music on our hard drives, but instead we\'ll have to put up with those popup windows. Many will propably find this just as comfortable as downloading the mp3\'s though, so it\'s just my 2 cents.

    Thumbs up

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    Re: My newly redesigned web site


    I guess I\'m just paranoid. I\'d rather embed the music into Flash so people can\'t just take the MP3 and do what they want with it. I noticed some other composers don\'t seem to really care though. Am I worrying for no reason? Should I just make them links to MP3s?

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    Re: My newly redesigned web site

    1) you should get rid of the theme load on the first page. some of us have dial up still

    2) I would allow download of MP3 and quit the paranoia. Just make thems 20-30 second clips

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    Re: My newly redesigned web site

    The welcome theme loader is unobtrusive though, right? It loads in the background..you can still navigate away if you want. But I suppose it eats up your bandwidth while it loads. I\'ll have to think of something...

    I need to know more about copyrights before I allow downloadable mp3s. I think someone here once confirmed that if you\'ve got the original MIDI composition on your machine (which no one else would obviously have), that\'s good enough to prove in a court that it was your original composition.

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    Re: My newly redesigned web site

    As long as you make it clear that whoever uses them without permission is in trouble, it should at least keep the abuse to minimum.

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