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Topic: Favourite movie scenes

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    Favourite movie scenes

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    Just wondered if anyone had any favourite movie scenes (notable for the music). To throw one in myself, the penultimate scene in Braveheart (where he shouts \"Freedom!\"), or the scene in Jurassic Park where Sam Neill first sees the dinosaurs. Anyone have any others?...

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    Re: Favourite movie scenes

    Mate, (an Australian expression), check out The Mission by Ennio Morricone or Gladiator by Hans Zimmer (Incidentally, The Mission inspired Hans to start writing film music.) And Gladiator inspired ME to write film music (stay tuned for further developments [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img] )

    But seriously, neither scenes evoke the music to me, more the ACTORS. On the other side of the coin I think Heil and Klimeks score for One Hour Photo was stunning in its originality...

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    Re: Favourite movie scenes

    Actually the scene you mentioned in Jurrasic Park was my first inclination or calling if you will to compose music. I had it when i was a kid watching Chariots of Fire when they were running on the beach and que the music, but truely when I saw Jurassic Park that was powerful. (also the first film in DTS so that may have opened a whole new catigory for me. Star wars opening scene always was another.

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    Re: Favourite movie scenes

    I think the opening of \"E.T.\" in the forest was my first fascination with film music.

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    Re: Favourite movie scenes

    ...and of course the sequence at the end when the bikes take-off right through to the end credits - that\'s got to be one of the greatest pieces of film music ever.

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    Re: Favourite movie scenes

    I\'m with Simon on the the opening of ET. The final scene of \"The Iron Giant\" is one of my favorites.


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    Re: Favourite movie scenes

    I would say Blade Runner (Vangelis). The opening Theme.


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    Re: Favourite movie scenes

    Iron Giant has some greeeeat music! Also the intro track. Listen to those trombones and flutes!!

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    Re: Favourite movie scenes

    1. Almost every scene that contains music in Once Upon A Time In The West is pure genius.

    2. Almost every scene that contains music in Blade Runner is pure genius.

    3. Almost every scene that contains music in Empire Of The Sun is pure genius.

    4. Immolation (With Our Lives, We Give Life) from Schindler\'s List and the shocking images that go with it.

    5. The moment that John Voight is watching a dog doing tricks on television in Midnight Cowboy is quite rare.

    6. The classical medley in Soylent Green when Sol dies.

    7. The use of contemporary and classical music in 2001:A Space Odyssey is another stroke of genius.

    8. When the mothership flips over in Close Encounters Of The Third Kind.

    9. Barber\'s Adagio For Stings in the Elephant Man when John takes away his pillows to sleep like a normal man.

    10. Theme from Rocky during his training in Rocky 1 and Rocky 2.

    Alex Cremers

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    Re: Favourite movie scenes

    i\'m a big fan of the music video like shootout scene at the end of the good, the bad, and the ugly.

    brilliant, really.


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