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Topic: Job opening in the EU-Sounddesigner

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    Job opening in the EU-Sounddesigner

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    Guerrilla (formerly known as Lost Boys games), based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands is looking for an applicant to fill the position of Sound Designer.
    He/she will be working with an experienced development team on highly anticipated PlayStation 2 titles.

    The position is in-house and full-time.
    The ideal candidate has previous game-related experience, excellent sound design skills and the ability to deliver a high quality of work within the constraints of the target platform.

    Guerrilla offers a fun and creative working environment with a highly motivated team in an excellent location right in the heart of Amsterdam.

    -At least one year of professional sound design experience
    -Experience with audio editing, mixing and mastering software
    -Experience with editing sound to picture
    -A devoted game player with a passion and understanding of sound design for games
    -Ability to work long hours when necessary

    Previous game experience preferred.

    -DAW related experience with both Mac and PC platforms
    -Experience with Protools, Sound Forge, looping and batch conversion software
    -Experience with Asset Management software (Alienbrain)
    -Novice scripting ability
    -Experience with developing for Consoles

    Please submit your cover letter, CV and sound design samples/demo reel to:

    FAO: Recruitment
    Herengracht 410
    1017 BX Amsterdam

    or email gamesjobs@games.lostboys.com

    Applications from within the EU are always welcome. Due to current visa and work permit restrictions, we are unable to accept applications from candidates outside the European Union, unless you are already in possession of a valid European work permit.

    I just wanted to give you guys a heads-up on this.


    Joris de Man

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    Re: Job opening in the EU-Sounddesigner

    Beautiful location in Amsterdam, although a bit crowded...


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    Re: Job opening in the EU-Sounddesigner

    Joris, do you mind if I post it over at the G.A.N.G. (Game Audio Network Guild) website? They have a job postings section on the bulletin board.

    Regards, Scott.

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    Re: Job opening in the EU-Sounddesigner

    Hi Joris, thanks for that. Its good to be able to pass on an opportunity to my fellow G.A.N.G. members. I have also posted your comment about it being for E.U. residents only.

    Regards, Scott.

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    Re: Job opening in the EU-Sounddesigner

    Hey Scott,

    Thanks for that! I hope we\'ll get some useful inqueries.



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