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Topic: External reverb - digital link

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    External reverb - digital link

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    Can anyone tell me how well an external reverb like the Lexicon PCM 91 works when connected by SP/Dif, lightpipe, etc and how it actually works?

    Can you route a buss out to the unit and back again through the digital interface?

    The thing that has stopped me from employing a good external reverb before now is that there would\'ve been D/A and A/D conversion happening to the samples when going out in analog.


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    Re: External reverb - digital link

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    Re: External reverb - digital link

    Hi Scott,

    I\'ve wondered the same thing from time to time. You don\'t mention what sequncer application you use. I use Logic and this functionality is supposed to be there. But since I tried SIR (Super Impulse Reverb) and used it with the GOS impulses (thank you Gary Garritan and Ernest Cholakis) I\'m so thrilled at my reverb sound I wouldn\'t consuider the hassle of an external hardware reverb. I know that doesn\'t help you in using the Lex, but it may help overall.

    Steve Chandler

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