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Topic: a "Pirates of the Caribbean" Hans Zimmer-related question

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    a "Pirates of the Caribbean" Hans Zimmer-related question

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    Okey, first of all I´m talking from a great lack of info so please feel free to correct any wrong asumptions I might make.
    If I understood it right from reading one of Zimmer´s interviews, he created some sort of group of musicians and collaborators who make some of the soundtracks when Zimmer himself is too busy to do it. (Obviously I suppose the film producer will know about this)

    Personally, I like a lot Zimmer works, but not those which are considered as the \"Zimmer sound\" for lack of a better term. I don´t like at all \"Crimson Tide\", nor \"The Rock\", but I´m totally in love with \"Black Hawk Down\", \"Black Rain\", and \"The Thin Red Line\" soundtracks.

    Now, I just heard a few times \"Pirates of the Caribbean\" which is signed by Klaus Badelt, and the CD says it´s \"overproduced by Hans \'Long John\' Zimmer\" [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img] so I suppose Badelt is one of Zimmer collaborators.
    I must say that even it´s fun to hear, I think, with all the respect due to its creator, it´s a pretty weak soundtrack (no expert here, just my opinion as an amateur musician). I mean, it´s like a huge \"Zimmer cliché\". You got all the stuff prototypical in old Zimmer soundtracks, the atonal toms, the \"in your face\" brasses...god, there´s an specific rythmical cue that even being slightly different, sounds like a ripoff from \"Black Hawk Down\".
    The problem being not even Hans Zimmer makes it so clearly Zimmerish,lol, if that makes any sense. While Hans Zimmer tries to look for other stuff, Klaus Badelt kept on bangin my ears with Zimmer clichés.

    Now, my question is: Is really Badelt´s style SO similar to Hans Zimmer´s, or could it be something along the lines of the film producer/s asking for something that \"sounds totally Zimmer\" and so Mr.Badelt had to left originaly aside and go for what the producer wanted?

    It´s a bit sad, because the soundtrack itself is functional, and it works with the film, but it´s way far from being a classic and the movie really had a lot of musical potential...

    What´s your take on this? just curious...

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    Re: a "Pirates of the Caribbean" Hans Zimmer-related question

    I really enjoyed Badelt\'s score for The Time Machine, which is hardly Zimmer like IMO. So it seems Badelt it quite capable of having a style of his own.

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    Re: a "Pirates of the Caribbean" Hans Zimmer-related question

    Sorry for drifting away from your topic!

    In defence of Klaus Badelt and Hans Zimmer:

    Check out their collaborative effort on \"The Pledge\" starring Jack Nicholson.

    Now, that\'s what I call great film scoring!

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    Re: a "Pirates of the Caribbean" Hans Zimmer-related question

    ah...I haven´t heard \"The Time Machine\" soundtrack nor \"The Pledge\". I´ll look for them to check what else this guy can do.

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