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Topic: A little theme with classical guitar

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    A little theme with classical guitar

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    hi there,

    i just made up a little theme on classical guitar and recorded it and i am curious about your critics or whatever...

    Acoustic Guitar Theme

    it\'s a part for a whole theme, later on there will be strings and orchestra overtaking the melody and theme. this will be part for an ingame track were the player is walking through a kinda like fantasy world.

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    Re: A little theme with classical guitar

    Nice one, it seems to ask for the new exposition with full orch [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]
    A pair of thoughts:
    - The performance is good, however some attacks are too harsh in my opinion (too much nail?), try to take care of that if you want it to sound softly
    - You have to get rid of that background noise. If you don\'t have a better microphone, try using some app like steinberg noisereduction or something like that

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    Re: A little theme with classical guitar

    yoo, thx for the reply...

    i think a little more harsh is my style and i like the nails and the voice of slipping the fingers over the fretboard.

    yip, in terms of the backgroundnoise i didnt do very much, just a little maximizing and reverb, thats it.... i will post again when i have the orchestral stuff or more vibe for this theme...

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