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Topic: Any GigaStudio Mastery Tutorial Owners Out There?

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    Any GigaStudio Mastery Tutorial Owners Out There?

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    Hope this is the correct forum - if not - my apologies in advance.

    I\'m a new member and am hoping to solve a problem I\'m having with the GigaStudio Mastery tutorial. Has anyone out there bought this tutorial?

    I\'ve loaded the TSCC codec that came with the program but still can\'t get the video portion of the tutorial to play. I get the following error message:

    Video not available, cannot find \'vids:IV50\' decompressor

    It may be that the tutorial isn\'t compatible with Windows 98 - not sure - guess I\'ll email the codec manufacture as well.

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    Re: Any GigaStudio Mastery Tutorial Owners Out There?

    That should only apply to the brief introduction video. Its just Me and Kevin saying Hi. For now, just start clicking on the links in the main interfaces (just a glorified help file) and they will take you to the video scenes. That should get you going. We may have to recompile that video. It uses a codec that was free and is now for sale. This sucks to say the least. No warning at all on that. So, we can recompile it and put it online somplace I guess. The intro video is just real camera video and this \"use to be free\" codec. Everything else uses the techsmith screen capture codec and should work fine. Hope this helps.
    Sorry for the trouble

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    Re: Any GigaStudio Mastery Tutorial Owners Out There?


    Thanks for the reply. In my thrashing about I also contacted the codec manufacturer. They confirmed my suspicion that the codec was working fine but that I was missing the IV50 program; I followed the link they supplied and downloaded this program.

    Everything is fine now.

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