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Topic: hard drive silencers

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    hard drive silencers

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    ok- I made a foolish error in buying a noisy hard drive- I know it should have been a Seagate Barracuda......has anyone used the hard drive silencers that are out there? Is it best to just buy a new hard drive?


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    Re: hard drive silencers

    Have have never seen this product before. I have WD drives and never hear them. I hear fans.

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    Re: hard drive silencers

    Quiets it down 4 decibels ??

    Hardly seems worth the trouble...


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    Re: hard drive silencers

    I have a new Western Digital and I don\'t really notice it. New drives aren\'t suppose to make that much noise anymore.
    My previous drive had a Molex Silent Systems foam lined sleeve which reduces the noise with 90%! However, an often heard comment about packaging drives is that they tend to shorten the life of the drive. I don\'t know if it is related but my sleeved drive died on me a little while back. It\'s the first one! All my other and older (noisy)ones are still alive and kicking. A technician told me that was quite normal after 2 or 3 years and that I was lucky with the other drives. These days I don\'t know the truth anymore. Except that new modern drives should be almost silent.

    Alex Cremers

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