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Topic: Remix candidates wanted for digital Dub

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    Remix candidates wanted for digital Dub

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    greez all,

    anybuddy feels like doing a REMIX to a track from my debut album which is in digital dub style?
    appreci8ed rmx genres would be: DnB, acid, goa, melodic trance, ambient, breakbeat, and electro.
    there d be no stress bout this project as i plan to release a full length remix album part to my debut album but not b4 beginnin next year. i d supply the entire MIDI and audio bounces data to the track of course.

    in case that u r interested pls contact me via email. i ll then come up with all details.


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    Re: Remix candidates wanted for digital Dub

    buz arrangement add-on:

    if interested pls directly tell me the approxim8 height of the one sum payment u d ask for in case of a licencing/release to/on a label of the rmx. i d also appreci8 an xchange base deal means i d owe u one dub rmx to one of ur tunes.


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