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Topic: Need PC advice from you gurus!

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    Need PC advice from you gurus!

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    My wife\'s C drive is making some horrible noises, so I wanted to Ghost it before it dies.

    Problem is, Ghost says it needs to be defragged first, and Defragger complains that it needs 15% free space.

    So I went through and started cleaning things up.
    The biggest space hogger right now is her Outlook Express directory.
    Under \"Documents and Settings | name | Local Settings | Application Data | Identities | Big long string of characters | Microsoft | Outlook Express\" There are several dbx files, many of them hundreds of megabytes in size.

    So I launched Outlook Express and cleaned out the Deleted Messages and Sent Items folders.

    However, the huge dbx files are still there.

    This was last night, so the machine has been rebooted since then, and they\'re still there.

    I\'m afraid to just delete the dbx files...there must be a reason they are still there.

    How do I get them to reflect the now-empty message folders?

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    Re: Need PC advice from you gurus!

    Go ahead and delete them, after Ghosting, run OE, it\'ll remake those files again. Don\'t wait til it\'s too late to ghost that drive. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    Also, you may want to try some of the switches on Ghost. Instead of trying to read the drive and complain about defragging, just have it go and do the job.

    I think I use -

    -BFC=999999999999999 ( I think. It could be -BFC by itself, and then there\'s another one that needs a large number, it reflects the sectors to copy?)

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    Re: Need PC advice from you gurus!

    most of this names are self-describing (inbox.dbx, outbox.dbx, ect) and also the local cache of newsgroups is stored here. so if you eg. don\'t want to loose the content of your inbox, just save the inbox.dbx to a cd or something and delete all you\'re sure you will never need. (OE has to be closed at this time)
    after having OE created new (empty) files you can import the old inbox from the files-menue.

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    Re: Need PC advice from you gurus!

    Thanks for the replies.

    I eventually found a function called File | Folder | Compact.

    Running the compact function causes the dbx files to reflect the true contents of the folders.

    Unfortunately, after all this, Ghost still won\'t run. Something about \"Unable to defrag virtual partition.\" Symantec tech support says they know about this error, but aren\'t sure what causes it.

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    Re: Need PC advice from you gurus!

    Are you running Ghost from Windows or from DOS? I always use the DOS version. (Not sure if there is a Windows version, actually. [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img] )

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    Re: Need PC advice from you gurus!

    Mitch, two solutions...first off, try VoptXP from Golden Bow for the friggin defraggin. It\'s a great little program and doesn\'t require any minimum free space.

    Second, try Acronis Trueimage for backing up the drive. Super easy to use, good compression scheme, and you can back up the failing drive image to another hard drive or cd-rw. A failing drive isn\'t something you wanna mess around with, so best to get the right software and get it done than waste your time with the wrong software and have your drive die before you can back it up.

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    Re: Need PC advice from you gurus!

    This may not sound very productive in regard to your problem, but get RID of outlook express. Every other week MS is finding security holes in the thing. There\'s a great freeware mail client called Pegasus Mail that you might want to consider. Or Eudora has a free version as well, that\'s pretty powerful.

    Some unsolicited advice, brought to you by....

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