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Topic: Anyone using M-Audio monitors?

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    Anyone using M-Audio monitors?

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    Is anyone using M-Audio monitors?

    I\'m looking at the BX8 or BX5\'s.

    If so can you relate your experience with these monitors? Any gripes?

    Thanks, Scott.

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    Re: Anyone using M-Audio monitors?

    Hey Scott - you already know my opinions. Here\'s a thread that details my travails - and I also have a lengthy review of the Studiophile LX4 2.1/5.1 system coming up at AudioMIDI.com in the next few weeks. I give both the stereo and the surround version two thumbs up.

    If I were you, I\'d try out all three lines. Unless you have a LOT of high frequency damping, I would not recommend BX-8\'s for midfield monitoring (and certainly not for nearfield). They\'re great speakers, just hotter than hell in the high end.

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    Re: Anyone using M-Audio monitors?

    Hi Houston, just wanted to say a belated thanks for your reply, this one slipped under the radar.

    For better or worse, I am picking up a pair of BX8\'s tomorrow. I buy so much gear from the shop that I am sure I\'m on their \"preferred customers list\" so if I need to return them it shouldn\'t be a problem. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]


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