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Topic: OT: Google, Altavista etc stopped working

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    OT: Google, Altavista etc stopped working

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    A few days ago Google.com, Altavista.com, Yahoo.com and more search engines (including local .dk versions of above!) stopped working! Instead I got to another site. I had a feeling it might be some adware that was causing trouble, so I got an adware remover and removed everything. But the problem persists. Right now I get to a place called \"cpanel\" instead of google. The weird thing is my URL still reads www.google.com when I get there. And it isn\'t a DNS problem with my ISP, because it\'s only on this PC the problem is. On the others in my network there is no problem! I tried scanning the registry for \"google\" trying to find redirections etc. because something crazy must be going on. Anyone read about this problem or had it themselves???

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    Re: OT: Google, Altavista etc stopped working

    Finally it might have been fixed. Seems it was some virus file called \"hosts\" in the Windows/HELP dir - a list of hostnames and where they should be redirected to or smth. Strange.

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    Re: OT: Google, Altavista etc stopped working

    Two days ago for no apparent reason my browser stopped going to google (but WILL go to all the others) - done a virus check but to no avail...This sounds really wierd...

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    Re: OT: Google, Altavista etc stopped working

    I had this also. Go to the Settings, Add/Remove Programs in Windows, and look for a thing called \"Internet optimizer\" - you can delete that if you got it, for me the problem was gone then.

    [img]images/icons/blush.gif[/img] Disclaimer: I\'m not responsible for any damage on your system, this advice was made to the best of my knowledge [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img]


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    Re: OT: Google, Altavista etc stopped working

    Thanks Hansi. I didn\'t have that program though - just a file called \"Hosts\" in the Windows Help directory. I deleted it and the problem went, but I\'ve now installed Lavasoft\'s Adaware (so hopefully wont get that problem again)....

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