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Topic: Revolutions cue online!

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    Revolutions cue online!

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    Matrix Revolutions cue online...




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    Re: Revolutions cue online!

    yeah, rocks [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]
    he kept the most elements from the second part (i truly never heard the first classic themes [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] )
    and there is also some hot stuff here.

    one technical question:
    how do you count the part where the choir comes in at ca 21 seconds. wether i am studpid or i am too tired, but on the first measure i get 9/8,7/8,9/8 and 6/8...i know its not sorted and counted well but at least you can get some rhythmic pattern on this one. this a very cool one and i like progressive and complicated stuff [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    also you could count three 4/4 and then one 7/8 but you wouldnt get a good pattern, dunno

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    Re: Revolutions cue online!

    I hope they don\'t do a musical hatchet job like they did in \'reloaded\'.
    There are some unreleased cues on his site for among others, the burly brawl and I can\'t even begin to imagine what that would have been like with those cues!
    I don\'t know about you guys, but a big letdown for me was not so much the (in places) crappy CG but the tacky \'we\'re going to fight so let\'s get some beats going\' music that they used in place of the score. Looking at the Matrix, the subway fight scene carried some real weight due to the orchestral onslaught and the way it flowed with the scene.
    With the burly brawl that instantly stopped for me when the lame beats started going..it almost felt like some cheap television show.
    I liked the places they used it at in the first movie, because it was tastefully done and didn\'t overtake the scene...in reloaded the weird orchestral/beats hybrid feels rather forced..

    Who knows, maybe I\'m just getting old


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    Re: Revolutions cue online!

    i dont wanna be rude, but maybe you should have some more open ears for crossover generally...

    i personally really like heavy guitars and orchestra stuff mixed together, not stupid and metal-like stuff, but dark and really heavy. i think guitars sounding really well with strings and horns etc.

    i really like the stuff in matrix too and i like how they arranged classic and futuristic stuff.
    of course, its a matter of taste but i think its cool to mix up genres and there should nothing to be aware of.

    i still here the words of earlier:
    \"in true metal there are no keyboards\"
    \"uhh he uses distortion in jazz music, he wants to sound heavier as he is\"
    \"really good classical music is just pure without electric stuff etc\"

    i think its all bull****, in music there are no rules and everybody should do what sb thinks is right, as long its not wrong and painful in terms of frequency [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: Revolutions cue online!

    Im a big Matrix fan..so I guess I\'m not objective at all...

    I liked reloaded a lot, but unlike the original matrix score, I don\'t like some things in reloaded...

    One thing I can\'t stand is the first Dougan track, in \"Upgrades Fight\"...not only the track is bad, but it just doesn\'t work that early in the movie...His second track works really great tough..original Davises cue for that sceene is just horrible and its available on his web..

    Also I don\'t like the cue when they are docking in Zion for the first time, too big, militaristic and dramatic, they are just landing for Christ sake..

    ummm...what else..

    Personaly, I can\'t get enough of Burly Brawl, it is new it is highly imaginative and it works, Davis at his best..

    I agree that Subway Fight cue is much better, and caries a lot more waight, but that is the nature of the sceene..Basicly all the Neo action sceenes in reloaded are \"Look what I can do\" and they used to be \"Can he do it\" in the first one.

    But at the and of the day, you have to admire and learn from Davis, his orchestration and writing are truly amazing...in matrix that is..

    You should check his score for Ecks Vs Sever, that has to be one of the worst scores in last 5 years. Strange...

    Waywyn...come on, metal is not stupid!..LOL

    For guitars and orchestra I recomend checking out Goldenthalls SWAT...plenty of guitars, and works very well..


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    Re: Revolutions cue online!

    I\'m not against cross-over scores at all..there are quite a few scores that would fit in that genre that I really like and work well for the moviescenes they were meant for....
    Exactly what does crossover constitute anyway? How far should one genre be removed from the other to be considered \'crossover\'?
    Personally I would think Zimmer\'s stuff fits that genre (synth/orchestral), so does John Powell\'s score for the Bourne Identity (contemporary beats/strings), Goldenthal\'s Heat (Guitars/Cronos quartet/Jerry Lamotta on drums)..these are scores that all work really well for the movies they were made for.
    I just don\'t like the way it is used in Reloaded; the kind of \'let\'s get hip and get some beats for the kids\' treatment; I thought the juxtaposition of the two in the original matrix is what worked so well..there was a definitive place for both.
    The way it went from orchestral to beats when Neo first gets introduced to the Matrix on the streets with the lady in the red dress was just great.
    In Reloaded it feels like a jumble of styles and it never quite got me going...
    Ah well, I guess it\'s just me


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    Re: Revolutions cue online!

    i think there should generally no limit in what you can crossover and what not.

    i would also like to hear metal-classic like i hear reggaefusion [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] ) or folkcontemporary-progressive-jazz [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    of course metal is not stupid, but all the hairspray guys from the 80 with their stretchjeans [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: Revolutions cue online!

    This thread is really interesting .
    It made me want to watch Matrix again .
    Especially the subway fight part [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: Revolutions cue online!


    Yep, the subway fight is very cool. I\'m curious to know; which music do you like better (and how it fits the scene)? The one in the subway in matrix 1 or the burly brawl in matrix 2?
    My preference is obvious, just curious what other people think and why...



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    Re: Revolutions cue online!

    Originally posted by Joris de Man:

    Yep, the subway fight is very cool. I\'m curious to know; which music do you like better (and how it fits the scene)? The one in the subway in matrix 1 or the burly brawl in matrix 2?
    My preference is obvious, just curious what other people think and why...


    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Subway fight...without doubt...why...it is very original and yet it works so well with the sceene.

    But thats only from the music stand point...Burly Brawl works equaly good, but they are very very different sceenes...

    I meen, Morpheus truck roof top fight cue in reloaded is esentialy subway motif in new version, and yet burly brawl worked better for it\'s sceen then this cue for that sceen...

    I\'m getting anal about this, don\'t I...LOL

    Anyways, if I\'m tortured to choose betwen the two, it has to be The Subway.



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