Hi all, sorry for these dumb questions but....

I have bought a pair of M-Audio BX8 active Monitors. They have a few options on them to let you tailor the sound of the speakers to the environment you are in.

One is a low cut off switch, it can be set to 80hz, 47hz or off (37hz) Now I\'m in a fairly small room and the speakers are loud enough to give the neighbours nose bleeds so I set it to 47hz. Is there anything I might be cutting out down there? Does an orchestral bass drum have fundamentals down that low?

The other switch is an Acoustic Space switch. You can set it to 0db, -2db and -4db. It is supposed to limit the amount of bass sound waves travelling around called diffraction spreading.

0db is supposed to be for speakers against a wall, -2db for speakers in a corner or near a wall, and -4db for speakers away from wall.

My question is, and probably a dumb one, can I set each speaker to different settings? I guess that is the whole point? One speaker may be in a corner (-2db) and the other more out in the open?(-4db)

Also, I noticed when I ran some pink noise through the speakers that the \"center\" was sitting at about 2 o\'clock. I turned the volume up more on the left speaker to compensate. Is this the norm? Incidentally, my left speaker is in a bit of a corner. (Can\'t do much about it unfortunately.)

One final thing, my speakers are hard to reach from behind so I am not bothering to turn the volume down to 0 before turning them off or on. Is this likely to cause damage? I know that over the years I was always taught to set a power amp to 0 before switching off or on.

Sorry for the long post.