We believe RealiDrums is the biggest (and dare I say, best sounding? No, that would be immodest . . .) drum collection you can buy. 42 different Snares (actual snare drums, not 42 "mix settings"), 7 different kicks, 11 hi hats, 24 rides, 33 crash cymbals, plus sidesticks and percussion elements. All drums have 4 mix settings each, from close mic to arena rock.

Being the impatient (and narcissistic) kind of guy that I am, I basically made this for how I like to work. So the interface is designed with work flow and speed in mind. I honestly don't think any other drum library is this fast to work with.

Also innovative is the Groove Generator, which is a much more musical way to work than traditional MIDI loops. Flexible plus very intuitive. Not to mention, a ton of fun. Check out the video below and you'll see what I mean.

RealiDrums is priced at $299, but just because you guys are my homies (oh, and because I have bills to pay soon) we're slashing a hundred bucks off. You know, for the introductory price and Black Friday and all that. But mostly because we're homies!

So don't just sit there like a rhythmless lump! Get your tail on over to Realitone and pick up RealiDrums for just $199.95!