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Topic: Kill Bill, Chainsaw Massacre, what next ???

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    Kill Bill, Chainsaw Massacre, what next ???

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    Please don\'t get me wrong. I like good horror or phsycho movies, but can anybody tell me whats it about to watch 2 hours just cutting limbs and splattering bodyparts and brains all over the place ??

    Is our world not already sick enough ?? I think if somebody would run with a chainsaw through New York or any other place they would applause him, if he gets his next victim.

    Here in germany we had the case that a guy ordered a katana and stumbled right into his company and slaughtered people with this sword. He cut off part of a man\'s head and at the end he threw his sword towards a woman and the sword, as sharp as it is, just went through her body like butter.

    Also i dunno what now was happening, but there was this guy saying that he wants to kill himself on a stage while the band \"hell on earth\" is havin a gig.

    Okay, there are horror and splatter films and real and psychic and sick situations since all times now, but i remember when i was younger boy they had this splattermovies besides the porno category. Now you see everything at the cinema. Why they don\'t show a good porno movie (i guess there are no good [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] ) but a explicit gore horror movie.

    Why are computer games in germany on the index but why you can go to the cinema and watch this sick **** ???

    My personal feelings about all this **** happeing out there: I am sick of this world!!!

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    Re: Kill Bill, Chainsaw Massacre, what next ???

    I can\'t say anything about Chainsaw -- I haven\'t seen it yet -- but Kill Bill is much more than just severed limbs. It\'s a clever, stylish homage to the Samuari films of the seventies (think Zatoichi, etc.).

    The violence is like cartoon violence. It\'s beautifully choreographed and filmed and never once triggers the gag reflex. In fact, it usually triggers laughter, as does the rest of the film.

    Kill Bill is one of the best experiences I\'ve had at the movies in quite some time.

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    Re: Kill Bill, Chainsaw Massacre, what next ???

    but i just ask, is it necessary to always show gallons of blood and guts?

    i have nothing against some gore as long as its needed for shocking and stuff, but not the whole filmlenght, just slaughter.

    look at the movie \"Seven\" there was no splattering and stuff at all shown, all imagined by your brain. Look at hitchcock movies, you really see splatter scenes, no, but all of his movies are masterpieces.

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    Re: Kill Bill, Chainsaw Massacre, what next ???

    Maybe you\'d understand where Tarantino was coming from if you\'d seen a number of Samurai movies (or maybe you have). I grew up in Hawaii and just down the street was the Toho Theatre where, from the age of twelve, I regularly saw Samurai chopping off limbs and blood spraying, etc.

    Tarantino was simply being true to the genre while, at the same time, turning it on its ear.

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    Re: Kill Bill, Chainsaw Massacre, what next ???

    sorry to ask, but please tell me that toho theatre was a cinema ??!?

    but that sounds like, it has become natural to you, it\'s just movies, but thats what i ask. is it has become naturally to see chopping of limbs, baslting brain all over the place or showing a psycho guy decapitating teenies with a chainsaw, what will come next ???

    probably the movie \"running man\" will beome real, thats what i think. first we had no special effects, then we had plastic and models, now we have computer technique, and then: maybe it\'s getting real, that\'s what i think.

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    Re: Kill Bill, Chainsaw Massacre, what next ???

    Yes, Toho was a movie theater. Alas, it no longer exists. I saw a lot of classic Japanese movies there.

    And I don\'t think I\'m conditioned to accept violence in movies. Goodfellas, for example, made me cringe. It all depends on the depiction of the violence.

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    Re: Kill Bill, Chainsaw Massacre, what next ???

    Yes, it\'s all in the execution. Like the movie Final Destination - the mutilation scenes. As horrific as they were, the execution forced me to laugh my *** off when the kid was smashed by the large piece of glass. But on more serious films like Schindlers List, the execution made all the difference (no pun intended). The way Spielberg filmed the horrible events in the film made so much more an emotional impact than if John Woo were to film it. So yes, it is really all in the way it\'s filmed.

    I think my first real gory movie experience was Starship Troopers. I was quite stunned at how gory the movie was, but I didn\'t take any of it seriously (maybe the director intended it that way).

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    Re: Kill Bill, Chainsaw Massacre, what next ???

    Originally posted by A_Sapp:

    I think my first real gory movie experience was Starship Troopers. I was quite stunned at how gory the movie was, but I didn\'t take any of it seriously (maybe the director intended it that way).
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Yes, he did. We shared an agent for several years and she once told me that people weren\'t \"getting\" Starship Troopers. That it was intended as satire -- which was the way I took it, anyway... A lot of people thought it was supposed to be serious.

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    Re: Kill Bill, Chainsaw Massacre, what next ???

    yes, i also saw startship troopers and was kind of shocked but saw the whole thing, that in reality the startship troopers are just really poor little *******s, fighting on a planet where nothing is to get. right after the motto: they fight to win sand and rocks [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    of course the first reason was to defend earth, but little later it was just revenge and so on.

    but think of this aspect, WE think normal, means when we see a splatter or gore movie we know that we don\'t go out and do the same to people around, but THERE ARE people who do this.

    look at the guys who killed an old guy because they wanted to kill somebody like the main character in GTA3 does it.

    another guy in germany drove by purpose into a crowd of people sitting outside of an ice cafe.

    also the guy with the katana running wild in his company.

    the worsest, what gave a big discussion and you probably heard about, was the school massacre in germany. after killing a lot of teachers on one point the guy said to a teacher that she should kneel down, then he put his pistol in her mouth and said \"DIE\"...then he pulled the trigger...

    i know exactly that we can\'t forbid brutal movies or games or whatever, then we should start with the daily news, because meanwhile they are as brutal as a horror movie, at least sometimes.

    but isnt there some limit ?? fight club is probably a good movie, also maybe kill bill, max payne and GTA3 are good and cool games, but isnt there a little respect of human life not to show the gore scenes ?? like i said i really like horror movies and stuff and nothing against a little gore, but there should be a limit.

    when i look around and see the people walking out of cinema after the movie \"saving private ryan\" and they start to talk, i get sick !!! \"damn did you see the guy holding his arm ?? muahaha thats was COOOL, and the other one exploded right in front of the tank, wuhahaha\"

    here in germany movies are free at 18 and meawhile it sucks, because 18 yeard old people are no longer the once grown up guys. you see more antisocial and really stupid people which are 18-24...after this age it kind of normalizes (mostly)...some will never grow up and thats sad enough.

    so there will always be psychos and weird and sick pervert people but like i said before: hitchcock did it and the movie \"seven\" was also really shocking, but they never showed something really near and in all details.

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    Re: Kill Bill, Chainsaw Massacre, what next ???

    Honestly, I don\'t believe that these events are the result of violent films/video games anymore than 15 years ago when people accused looney tunes of causing violence in society.

    The people that are commiting these acts clearly have some kind of psycological problem regardless of what they watch on TV. These problems come from elsewhere.

    Although I do think movies are going downhill somewhat. The big ones anyway. People\'s attention spans are getting shorter and shorter. The movies are going for bigger explosions and special effects. Alot of people start to get bored if there hasn\'t been a good chase scene in 15 minutes.

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