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Topic: Your intellectual property protection from being stolen

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    Your intellectual property protection from being stolen

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    Dear Forum Members!

    I developed an effective software for preventing your intellectual property (IP), presented in a text file form, (screenplay, translation, fiction, etc.) from being stolen by your possibly fraud customer.
    A small viewer.exe (12 kb), which you have to send to your client with your preliminary ciphered by a special encryption program (cipher.exe) .enc file, containing your IP, shows your customer your file content
    during a short time (1-2 minutes), in order he/she to be sure that you actually carried out customer\'s order and get a general idea of your text in brief.
    All system functions, such as Copy/Paste, Drag-n-drop, Print Screen, Writing to a file are blocked during the demonstration, so there is no ability to steal your file content.
    Package consists of cipher.exe, viewer.exe and User\'s Manual.
    Total package size = 40 kb
    Package rrice: $40
    Demo is free.
    Description: This software is assigned for any textual intellectual property protection. Writers, translators, technical writers, scenario writers, etc. can use it.

    Please visit my web site:
    for more info.

    Contact me privately from the web site above.

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    Re: Your intellectual property protection from being stolen

    Does it prevent photographs of screens? Might not be that safe...


    There are a lot tools like that already...

    Afterall, what do you think could an audio related community profit from a text display tool? Safer contracts? [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img]


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    Re: Your intellectual property protection from being stolen

    People stealing screenplays and fiction is a big deal?? I could see some maybe stealing some one\'s \"idea\" for a screenplay or a novel, but not the entire thing.

    I really don\'t understand how there could be a need for this in the \"artistic\" community.

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