Hello friends,

I wanted to present the new Percussion instruments of Muletone Audio.

Brazilians Series: Tamborim and Cuíca

Please, see more details at muletoneaudio.com, to hear samples and videos.

In addition the site is on offer with a Black Sale 50% OFF. The prices are super inviting, take a look:

Strashed: $ 5 (Normal price is $ 10).
Grand Glass Marimba: $ 10 (Normal price is $ 20).
Brazilian Series: Tambourine: $ 6 (Normal price is $ 12).
Brazilian Series: Tambourine: $ 7.50 (Normal price is $ 15).

Use the coupon code: MULE50 until November 29.

In December a new library will be released, anyone who wants to subscribe to have news about libraries will be very welcome