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Topic: ORCHESTRATION: A Great Way to Study

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    ORCHESTRATION: A Great Way to Study

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    There have been threads in the past about book learning versus listening in order to educate ourselves about orchestrating. I recently stumbled across (and I\'m sure others already know about this) another great way to study -- a series of classical CDs called \"Classics Explained,\" in which a narrator takes you through the work and explains the orchestration step by step -- or section by section. I just finished listening to an explanation of Ravel\'s Bolero and it was excellent.

    I found this on Lyco\'s Rhapsody music service, which is a pay on-demand streaming service that has thousands of songs, etc. by a huge number of artists. I have recently discovered some new talent and been reintroduced to a number of old friends through this service. I think it\'s the solution to file sharing. At 10 bucks a month you can find just about anything you want -- except, of course, The Beatles.... But they just added The Stones entire catalogue, so maybe J,P,G & R aren\'t far behind.

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    Re: ORCHESTRATION: A Great Way to Study

    cool, thx for the hint, have to check that out [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: ORCHESTRATION: A Great Way to Study

    Hi Rob,

    I\'ve been preparing a score to submit for reading sessions for about a month. I\'ve been out of school for a few decades and I was able to enlist help of a local university professor. Most of my questions were about how to notate who plays what and nuts and bolts issues. Most of the issues the professor called me on regarded instrument register issues. It seems horns just can\'t play quietly above the staff. I guess what I\'m saying is I\'ve learned more about orchestration working on a real project with competent help than in any other way.

    I own a few books and have done a lot of listening. That has all been good for ideas, but actually doing it with help has been an invaluable learning experience for me.


    Steve Chandler

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    Re: ORCHESTRATION: A Great Way to Study

    Of course, learning by doing is always the best. Glad to hear you\'re getting some valuable experience.

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