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Topic: Northern Sounds Grumpy Mood

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    Northern Sounds Grumpy Mood

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    This is a splendid forum. Very supportive. I\'ve learned a lot and saved money thanks to you good people. However in the last couple of days I\'ve noticed that there\'s more than a little rancour creeping into some of the posts. Some posters are openly insulting each other. If I didn\'t know better I\'d say it\'s the shockwave of the GPO vs EW thing. It seems to have put everyone in a bad mood! Well, it \"feels\" like that.

    Hey look, count to five, drink a glass of water... and try writing some music. That always works to sweeten my little pink heart. [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

    Take it easy, y\'all.

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    Re: Northern Sounds Grumpy Mood

    It\'s called sample fever. Too many is happening at the same time. Many can\'t deal with that.

    Alex Cremers

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    Re: Northern Sounds Grumpy Mood

    Actually I find the drama quite fun!

    Things are so uneventful over here that I enjoy this bit of excitement!

    I say keep it going....could become an East coast West coast thing!

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    Senior Member Bruce A. Richardson's Avatar
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    Re: Northern Sounds Grumpy Mood

    I don\'t think that\'s what it is at all.

    Excluding ANY individual from this, I think the product posturing and bashing is destroying the group\'s soul. It used to be that the discussions here centered on techniques, on musical issues, on trying to get the medium advanced. Now that the medium actually has legs, it\'s like the invasion of the marketroids.

    In particular, the Giga-bashing at every turn is serving what? Honestly...what? Does it benefit anyone for our market to shrink? For good technology to be put in jeopardy? For people to have bad opinions about vendors who are doing their best to survive the roughest times they\'ve ever experienced?

    I\'ve got news folks. Giga, VSL, EWQLSO, GOS, DDBE, Bardstown, Post, Scarbee...name your brand...ALL of those products are made by sincere people who are scared out of their minds every day when they wake up and see the balance sheets. Yet they try to provide a service in spite of that, in hopes that hard work will be rewarded. These people, ALL OF THEM, Native Instruments included, dance with extinction every single day.

    People seem to think Native Instruments is some sort of behemoth powerhouse. Did you know that last year, Native Instruments employees took a massive...MASSIVE cut in pay for two months, so that the company would survive? These people sacrificed personally. The other players in the game are doing no different. If you think people are taking money baths and snorting coke through $100 bills, you are NUTS. Some of these developers have to work on machines you or I wouldn\'t use for e-mail, because they\'re operating on THAT tight of a budget to survive.

    I know I\'m pissed. I\'m pissed off at this community for taking for granted the fact that all of this can just blow away in a breeze. You think it hasn\'t happened before? Get real. Markets disappear all the time...and this one depends upon musicians to fund it. Do the math.

    I can forgive people who honestly don\'t know any better--who see a slick logo on a box, or an ad in a music rag and think this is some kind of multimillion dollar industry. But there are people here who are gaming this community in order to change the financial balance of power. There are attacks made on honest hard working people every single day.

    That needs to stop.

    Just because something grows up, it doesn\'t necessarily mean it is maturing. It is our collective responsibility to change the tone of this group if we want it to change. If we demand it, and refuse to accept product-bashing and negativism, it will eventually subside. If we let it go, or worse, feed it, then it will just grow and spread like the cancer it is.

    We are musicians. We have a code. We don\'t tear each other down. We have a responsibility to truth, beauty, and creation. If we shine light, and refuse to accept ill-motivated claims--no matter who is making them, we can heal this.

    I am the first to admit I have a jumpy trigger finger, and sometimes post things that I would phrase a lot differently given time to consider it. So here\'s a suggestion I\'ll heed myself. Next time you make a post you think might be harmful to someone\'s interest, leave it on the desktop for an hour before hitting that Send button. It may just be the little thing that makes a big difference.

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    Senior Member Bruce A. Richardson's Avatar
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    Dallas, Texas

    Re: Northern Sounds Grumpy Mood

    Originally posted by Isabella Rowlins:
    Mr. Richardson,

    Allow me to add... I suspect this whole testoterone charade might have its answer in unfulfilled libido.


    Isabella Rowlins
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Hehe. If you\'re going to talk to me about libido, it\'s definitely Bruce, and not Mr. Richardson. Hats off to you for hanging here, Isabella, and spreading a little badly needed yin.

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    Re: Northern Sounds Grumpy Mood

    Originally posted by chocothrax:
    Yes I think these little arguements add some fun to this place. Now that Houston says he\'ll be gone for a week I fear it\'s back to the same old same old.
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Houston, we have a problem....

    Bruce, thank you for your very well articulated opinion. I really hope that all of us will take it to heart. Let\'s focus more on the pleasures and opportunities of what all these hardworking developers with great visions are offering us.

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    Re: Northern Sounds Grumpy Mood

    What a great and touching post Bruce! Thank you.

    If its any consolation, when these people get together at a NS Hang like the one I went to in LA recently, they really get along great face to face. People are simply much bolder online and tend to say things they would not normally say face to face. If you get any of these folks together in person, its a completely different vibe. This group\'s soul if far from being lost from what I can see. They blow off steam up here but everyone gets along splendidly in person.


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    Senior Member
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    Stuttgart, Germany

    Re: Northern Sounds Grumpy Mood

    Very well said, Bruce. I´d say we need alot more of this attitude here.


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    Re: Northern Sounds Grumpy Mood

    I\'ve noticed it, too, and agree with Mr. Richardson. Musicians sure get passionate about their favorite gear!
    It\'s too easy to regard one\'s own opinion as fact, and cling too tightly to one\'s beliefs. That leads to tunnel vision and a closed mind. I\'m as guilty of that as anyone, so I try to keep in mind the wise words of Voltaire: \"Doubt is not a pleasent state of mind, but certainty is absurd.\"

    There are a lot of intelligent individuals here that deserve respect whether or not you agree with them.

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    Re: Northern Sounds Grumpy Mood

    I would like to add to what Bruce said. I\'ve worked in the music industry in the past, but not in the last 7 years. I worked for a retailer, two manufacturers, and a pro audio dealer. Only one of those companies was financially strong. That particular company would find criticism on any serious pro audio board, but they are a marketing powerhouse.

    I came to a conclusion that became the primary motivation for finding employment outside the music industry. \"Musicians ain\'t got no money.\" Anything associated with music is a sexy industry and that appeals to lots of people. It\'s brutally competitive at every stage.

    If you add to that the temptation to get something for nothing (pirate software) you add an additional level of concern. You can\'t pirate a guitar, the only way to get one is to buy one. But when high quality samples can be found by those with less integrity or simply too ignorant to know or care. In my mind there\'s no distinction between stealing a guitar and pirating samples.

    The tough economic times have taken the wind out of everyone\'s sails. Hopefully times will be getting fatter for a while, but I fear many have learned bad habits. We\'ve seen that in the recent discussion and we see it in the hard times at many sample producers and other music industry manufacturers and vendors. We see it in the tough choices we have to make in prioritizing purchases.


    Steve Chandler

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