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Topic: Censorship on Northern Sounds

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    Censorship on Northern Sounds

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    Dear everybody,

    I want to quote the last words I read by the administrators here on Northern: \"this site has never censored information posted\"

    I find this argument weak and contradictive somehow. First of all you closed the thread, where people debated this. I call that censorship. Censorship is not just removing information. Its also removing peoples choice to post it at free will.

    Secondly you say you dont practice censorship, yet you restrict and ban people. I call that practicing censorship. Put it any way you want.

    Thirdly you claim having restricted Mr. Richardsons account until certain issues are resolved. I call that a temporary ban and that is censorship aswell.

    Isabella Rowlins

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    Re: Censorship on Northern Sounds

    I agree! I always liked Bruce\'s posts! But if some one has to be punished for his sins, why can\'t it be Houston? [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img]

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    Re: Censorship on Northern Sounds

    oh, dear, a double post

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    Re: Censorship on Northern Sounds


    I just read your post. Unfortunately, no one can reply to it.

    You make a number of reasonable points, of course. But censorship is censorship, whether you call it \'temporarary restrictions\' or something else. And while it is good to know that no published remarked has been censored, you are preventing Bruce from publishing his thoughts now, aren\'t you-even if you view this as merely temoporary? It is hard to imagine what justification there could be for this.



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    Re: Censorship on Northern Sounds

    I still don\'t know what happened between NS and Bruce?

    Am I the only one who doesn\'t know what happened? Why did he get temporary ban?


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    Re: Censorship on Northern Sounds

    No censorship, hmm. I want to ask the moderators who seem the only one to know it, what Bruce last posts were about, and I think everybody wants to know!

    Oh and, I can tell you that censorship is being taken on this very place. There is no free speech about certain things. And I agree with the above, a temporary ban is censorship, too.


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    Re: Censorship on Northern Sounds

    Hi all,

    I utterly, completely agree with Isabelle.
    Furthermore the \'intangible assets\' value of this forum is its users (opinion) and NOT the soft- and hardware it runs on;

    Papa Chalk, you should remember this when calling your ultimate rights to do as you see fit;
    Using the forum as tool to set your accounts with Richard is NOT the way; Please choose other \"weapons\".

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    Re: Censorship on Northern Sounds

    My 2 cents...I\'m speaking from the point of view of a business owner.

    NS is a corporation, a business...

    It can do whatever it wants, delete posts, censor posts, ban users from reaching its servers (block their IP), move posts around, whatever. Any business or website has the right to do this.

    We\'re not paying NS to use this board (they\'re providing it for free), so we don\'t have any right to tell them how to run it, and manage it. NS can do whatever it wants, how, and when it wants it.

    It may not be \"fair\" to us, we may not like it, but since they own this board, they can do whatever they please.

    This is the truth in any other business out there.

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    Re: Censorship on Northern Sounds

    Owel, perhaps that\'s ok to you. But I didn\'t see all this the time before I joined and it was all going well! Remember when Donnie was banned? There was a lot more going on than what Bruce did state publically yet. The moderators *still* stress their intention *not* to delete or censor anything. Those days are gone IMHO.


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    Re: Censorship on Northern Sounds

    No it\'s not okay for me. I will miss Bruce\'s straight advice. I like learning stuff from the masters of this board. But this is a BUSINESS. They have the right to run it the way they want it... whether fair to us, or not, whether we like it or not.

    So What can I do? I cannot tell them how to run this business. But I can walk away from this all, and I can purchase my samples from another company.

    Or we can start another board and lure users to the new board. But I\'m sure if we do that, sooner or later down the road, we\'ll be moving and \"censoring\" posts too from a few users.

    Then the cycle goes on again and again...

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