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Topic: Desound, Bring Bruce Back - final word II

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    Desound, Bring Bruce Back - final word II

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    Since this topic was closed as soon as I tried to reply to the question posed by Papa Chalk, I had to open another one - my answer below:

    PaPa Chalk
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    posted 11-12-2003 07:28 AM
    Out right lie and deception what is the purpose of this post.

    PaPa Chalk
    Northern Sound Source


    That\'s easy Papa - I\'ll spell it for you:

    T R U T H


    (Do I get banned now, as I speak such five letter words?)

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    Re: Desound, Bring Bruce Back - final word II

    Seams that a lot of stuff is going on behind the curtains.

    And seams that some people here know whats going on.

    So since this is a public forum, why doesn\'t someone put some ligh on things?

    Keeping people guessing and making roumors will not do any good to anyone.


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