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Topic: Organ Music

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    Organ Music

    In response to a suggestion to write a fugue for 2 manuals no pedals, I wrote one and posted it. Then I wrote these two, and will probably do at least one more.

    Etoin Fugue

    Foot Free Bagatelle


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    Re: Organ Music

    Just heard your fugues, after listening to the Silent Night piece. After the calm coffee break of that piece, these works suggest the intense energy of the late-morning workday. (Not that I'm at work; mercifully, I was able to retire last year). This is music of a type I have always admired, but have no idea how to create. But I love the King Of Instruments. Several years ago I had the pleasure of attending the Pipe Dreams road show, in, of all places, Lewiston, Maine. Michael Barone was there with his pony tail and velvet tongued-voice. The climax was a wonderland sing-along. I'll never forget it. I especially like Durufle's organ music (and, even more, his choral works). I think organ music might be used to regenerate neurons and improve cognition, similar to the Mozart Effect. It's worth a try, at any rate.

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