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Topic: LOTR: TTT 4-DVD version blurry?

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    LOTR: TTT 4-DVD version blurry?

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    I am investigating a bit whether this is a problem only with the Nordic release here in Europe, or if there\'s a worldwide problem with the mastering of the new 4-DVD release of the second LOTR movie!

    If anyone else have it, please take a look at the first documentary (about J.R.R. Tolkien) on the 3rd disc. The image is blurry and looks like it origins from a composite signal rather than component/RGB. Especially noticable on edges and the gfx - but the whole thing is blurry! Compare this to the 2nd documentary, which looks fine, just like all the material on the LOTR: FOTR release! I wrote the Danish distributor and they told me they couldn\'t find a problem with it. I have now sent them some screengrabs to further show them what\'s wrong. They are grabbed with a DVD-ripper program so the quality may not be stellar but at least the difference should be obvious.

    http://www.simonravn.com/media/God-1.jpg <- As it should look
    http://www.simonravn.com/media/Daarlig-2.jpg <- This is how the bad material looks.

    Anyone else got this problem? It seems like a huge blunder to me, and I don\'t know how far this problem extends - probably not worldwide but I suspect this is the case with all the Nordic releases of it!

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    Re: LOTR: TTT 4-DVD version blurry?

    I recently did a review of the set for Screentalk. While I was forced to watch a VHS tape for the extended movie itself, I WAS given discs 3 & 4 for the special features.

    Both discs were pristine. The picture was sharp, clear and beautiful. Color was excellent.

    I got these directly from New Line, so I have no idea how the final product discs look -- but I can\'t imagine why they\'d be any different.

    The photos you\'ve shared do not reflect the discs I saw. The documentary, by the way, is wonderful.

    P.S. I\'m not sure if my review is online or only in the print version of the magazine, but I\'m pretty sure my review of X-2 is available at the website -- in case anyone is interested.

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    Re: LOTR: TTT 4-DVD version blurry?

    OK thanks rob!

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