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Topic: Goodbye, mp3.com!

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    Goodbye, mp3.com!

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    My Internet Explorer opens up my site at mp3.com by default. This afternoon, as I booted my computer, my site was no longer there.

    It wasn\'t much, but there was a bit of sadness that I felt.

    Goodbye, mp3.com and thank you!

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    Re: Goodbye, mp3.com!

    I\'m glad MP3.COM is gone. They generate a lot of junk mail and ads. I also don\'t like the long wait for the song \"approval\" process.

    They\'ve also lost their \"indie\" focus after being sold to a giant corporation. As usual, the parent company doesn\'t know what to do with it, neglected it, and is now closing it. Good business plan! How many millions of $$$ did they pay for it?

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    Re: Goodbye, mp3.com!


    You\'re right about the junk mails. Apart from that, I\'ve had no problems with mp3.com. My songs were approved promptly and I got my money promptly even when I was in the Philippines.

    What I really liked about it was being able to interact with artists all over the world. As a matter of fact, I still do collaborations with composers and directors that I\'ve met through the site.

    Mp3.com may nat have been managed properly, but still it was such a wonderful worldwide portal for artists. I hope another one will emerge, this time more perfect than the past.

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