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Topic: Book about interpreting film for scoring

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    Book about interpreting film for scoring

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    Mdesigner posted a specvid that he scored and was looking for critique. I really liked what he had done and added that I thought some sparce Taiko drums would compliment what he had written and help interpret the graphic nature of the scene.

    I then thought, what the hell do I know about this other than being a lifelong musician, film lover, and aspiring composer? I think most music programs have a class like that and I\'m wondering what they cover. Are there any books about interpreting film through music and basic composition associated to film score?

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    Re: Book about interpreting film for scoring

    Blatant spam here, but I edited a book by Chris Brooks called \'Visual Music\' that in all humility is excellent. It covers the aesthetics, techniques, technology, as well as practical things like session planning and business issues.

    It\'ll be available from www.KIQproductions.com in about a month.

    I love money - lots of it.

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    Re: Book about interpreting film for scoring

    sounds interesting Nick-will you plug it again when it comes out, so that i don\'t waste brain space remembering to buy it.

    Albert Einstein said never commit anything to memory that you can write down! (or ask someone else to remember for you in this case).


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    Re: Book about interpreting film for scoring

    Yeah thanks a lot Nick for the shameless plug.

    I\'ll definitely pick up a copy. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: Book about interpreting film for scoring

    You guys might wanna check out Fred Karlin/Rayburn Wright\'s \"On the Track: A Guide to Contemporary Film Scoring\". It\'s about as close to a Bible of film scoring as one can find, at least for now. It\'s a 850+ page oversized book that carries an equally hefty price (if you can find it). It\'s starts off with a forward written by John Williams and goes on to almost every aspect of film scoring, from spotting, composing, orchestration to recording (live) with click track. Since it tries to cover so much it feels like a crash course. There are many excellent score excerpts, some of them straight from the actual composer sketches (William\'s massive atonal doodlings for Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Horner\'s Star Trek: the Wrath of Khan, Alex North\'s Under the Volcano, and much more).

    The book is a little dated but 95% of what it covers still applies.

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    Re: Book about interpreting film for scoring

    I\'ve got the Complete Guide to Film Scoring by Richard Davis and The Reel World by Jeff Rona.

    The Rona book is more entertaining. It\'s got some great annecdotes and some wonderful preactical information.

    The Davis book is dryer, but has more detailed information about scoring for film.

    I like \'em both for different reasons.

    Neither gets into what keys, chords or orchestration works for specific film moments. However, there is information about old piano score books that were produced for playing with pre-sound movies. The various movements were categorized for given moods and situations. It would be a joy to have these score books and have the time to learn, play and analyze them.

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    Re: Book about interpreting film for scoring

    Thanks Gulliver, Jon.

    I put all those in my wishlist at Amazon. I think I\'ll tell my family to visit my wishlist before Christmas.

    At Amazon I saw a couple others that look like they could be good; \"Knowing the Score\" By David Morgan, and \"The Art of Film Music\" by George Burt.

    I think I\'ll start with On the Track [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    Thanks again guys [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: Book about interpreting film for scoring

    By the way, the first really good book on scoring (as far as I know) is Earl Hagen\'s \"Scoring for Film.\" A lot of the technical info has probably become archaic (e.g. the Newmann system), but it\'s still great. And his cues on the little record that come with it are really good!

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    Re: Book about interpreting film for scoring

    As Gulliver states, On the track: A Guide to Contemporary Film Scoring is out of print (and selling for about 250$ used)

    A search on amazon says a 2nd edition will be available this month. 60$ for the paperback version.

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    Re: Book about interpreting film for scoring


    Is that the same Earl Hagen who did the Andy Griffith Show? I always liked that show\'s music. Amazing harmonies done with a simple harmonica.

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