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Topic: Wind intruments

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    Wind intruments

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    I am interested in these wind instruments, Anyone have experience with these. Here are three models that I am currently looking at.

    Yamaha wx5 and wx7

    Whats the difference between the two?

    Also the Akai EWI series. Whihc one of these Wind Instruments perform the best, and which is the most user friendly for a beginner? I want to try an learn. It sounds like lots of fun.



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    Re: Wind intruments

    If you want to check out a yahoo group dedicated to wind controllers then try this address:


    Don\'t remember if you need to be a member.

    It might help if you read the archives first or do a search because the comparisons topic comes up over and over and over!

    Have a nice day,

    Ben H

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    Re: Wind intruments

    You\'ll get a lot of religious answers if you post that on the wind list! The difference between EWI and WX instruments is that the latter are more sax-like, with keys and (if you want) pitch control using the mouthpiece. EWI uses capacitance-senstive buttons, like on an elevator, that you just touch, and its mouthpiece has a controller but it\'s one you use to introduce a quick pitch modulation rather than to control it.

    My first instrument was recorder, so the EWI was really easy to pick up; after three days I felt more comfortable on it than on recorder. But I\'m not sure what it would be like to start from scratch.

    I think WX-7 was the first Yamaha model, but I don\'t remember. Lots of people on the wind list should be able to answer that question - if they\'re not still too busy kissing Matt Black\'s *** every other post, which is why I stopped reading it! (Matt is an excellent programmer and I have a lot of respect for him, but I started feeling like a schoolboy reading that list.)

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    Re: Wind intruments

    Hey Nick,

    It is SAFE to return. Most people are OVER IT!!!


    Ben H

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    Re: Wind intruments

    Thanks a bunch!

    I think I could learn quickly, and I think it would be fun.

    I see you mention the AKAI. The new one EWI 3020 sounds like it will only work with the AKai synth.

    The other AKAI you mentioned what model is that? If you had to buy one today, which one would give better results. I in no way intend to use a VL70 just samples. I could go with a breath controller, but would rather spend the extra money in learning a new controller instrument.


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    Re: Wind intruments

    No. EWIs are fantastic MIDI controllers that you can use to trigger anything.

    What you\'re confusing is that the Akai EWI 3020, the current one, requires one of two boxes: 3020m or 3030m. Those boxes house mediocre sound generators, but more importantly they house the brains of the unit.

    Two althernative brain boxes are available from www.Windworksdesign.com. One feeds a Windows machine, the other is stand-alone.

    I *never* use the 3020m; its audio outs aren\'t even connected. The only instrument I normally play with the EWI is Yamaha VL1, although one of these days when I\'m bored I should really see what I can do with soft instruments.

    Musicians Friend has EWIs for a very good price right now, I think about $750 for the pair. That\'s not chicken feed, but it\'s much less than the original price.

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    Re: Wind intruments

    Thanks for the tip, Ben H. I didn\'t unsubscribe, so I\'ll take a peak!

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