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Topic: Firewire 800 and audio

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    Firewire 800 and audio

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    Anyone out there in the mac world using FW800 to stream samples or use it for audio?

    Any real world preformance numbers in terms of tracks recorded and playback?

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    Re: Firewire 800 and audio

    These were tested by a computer music equipment retailer in my area. Keep in mind the following specs are for Lacie drives on current Macs.

    FW400 - 40mb/s sustained performance
    FW800 - 90mb/s sustained performance

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    Re: Firewire 800 and audio

    That\'s the bandwidth, not the number of tracks recorded or played! Computer specs are usually very misleading.

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    Re: Firewire 800 and audio

    I\'m hoping for some real world experiences from people using FW800.

    How many track of audio?

    Samples direct from disk polyphony performanc?

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    Re: Firewire 800 and audio

    Isn\'t 66 mg a second the bandwidth of PCI?
    Am seeing the new Firewire mixers out the like the Tascam FW 1884 and just wondering if its worth selling my Roland VM7000 series PCI based mixer.
    Im not convinced that Digital transfer between the mixer and the computer is any more effective with firewire than PCI.
    Right now with my setup I can transfer up to 24 channels[3 PCI cards at 8 channels each]of digital audio and midi back and forth between my digital mixer and the computer.

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    Re: Firewire 800 and audio

    I don\'t know for Mac, but firewire onboard controllers in a PCs often utilize a PCI slot, limited to 66 MB/s transfer capacity.

    Hope this helps,

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