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Topic: XBOX/P2/Gamecube

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    I have been itching to get one of these consoles.

    The games are for my 5 year old, yet I also wish to relax and enjoy a few now and then

    I have read the specs on the XBOX/Gamecube, yet any users which unit has the best graphics/playability?

    The gamecube has more kids games, but I am a succer for good graphics too.

    Whats youre experiences?


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    Re: XBOX/P2/Gamecube

    The X-box is a superior machine when it comes to graphics & audio, but there really aren\'t that many games for kids (most x-box users are twenty something males). Personally, I would go for the X-box, The kid will grow into it [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] hehe.

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    Re: XBOX/P2/Gamecube

    Gamecube is a step up from the PS2, graphic wise, but lacks the DVD playing capability. However, the gamecube probably has the games that are most appropriate for children--at least for parents who actually care about how their children develop, anyways.

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    Re: XBOX/P2/Gamecube

    Thanks for the insight everyone!

    I will look at both today, however my main criteria is graphics, playablity/variety (more on the child side)

    Off to scheck them out....


    Originally posted by chocothrax:
    I own both systems, they both have their strengths and weaknesses. One thing to consider is the Gamecube controllers suck!!! They are terrible and just ruin my gaming experience a lot of the time. Ps2 is still king of controllers. Xbox has Halo and sort of soon to be released Halo 2, those 2 games alone are a big reason to consider getting Xbox. Xbox has an internal hard drive and for some games you can insert your favourite music cd and it will save the songs from the cd into the Xbox and you can listen to those songs while you play, only problem is many games don\'t seem to let you play your own music. Something that I always hated was memory cards that you have to use to save your progress, with Xbox it saves your games on it\'s internal hard drive, with gamecube it\'s the same old annoying memory cards. Xbox has better graphics. Xbox is more expensive though. Gamecube is definately more for kids but there are kids games on Xbox. There are also adult games on the gamecube(the resident evil series is the only reason I bought a Gamecube).
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    Re: XBOX/P2/Gamecube

    What in the hell?! The Gamecube\'s controller is the best controller I\'ve ever used!

    \"The gamecube has more kids games, but I am a succer for good graphics too.\"

    ACTUALLY, this is false. The Gamecube has many adult games, and I think the games are better. I can\'t stand to use either of the Xbox controllers. The buttons are so mushy. And the games aren\'t really that appealing. I don\'t have a PS2, but I like alot of the games I\'ve played. I don\'t really like the controller for that one either. I guess I\'m just used to Gamecube perfection. [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img] Nintendo games are always way ahead of the competition, in my opinion. If you are into something for you and your son, try Super Mario Sunshine. Although it has a dumb title, It\'s VERY, VERY FUN to play and it\'s very challenging at times. In the end, though, I wouldn\'t worry about the graphics or sound capability of the systems. The differences are SO small.

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    Re: XBOX/P2/Gamecube

    I own an Xbox and a Gamecube. Both are Good systems!

    Gamecube has MANY titles for kids. However also has some great titles for the older \"kids\" [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img] as well.

    Xbox has a large amout of games. However it is VERY hard to find games that suit kids. My Nephew comes over and wants to play games. I try to get him onto the Gamecube, becasue I dont what him playing the games i own on xbox.

    Most games can be played on all three consoles. Which is good! However Gamecube does release games made by Nintendo, ONLY for Gamecube. These titles mainly are for there target audience (Kids). However they are fun games for everyone, Even me!

    Games on Gamecube Like, Mario Party 5, Super Mario Sunshine, Super Smash Brothers, Mario Kart Double Dash, Star Fox Adventures, Zelda. Are AWESOME games!!! G-rating so they are made for the whole family. I had a great time playing these titles and i\'m in my twenties. These above games are only made for Gamecube! The above games warrent any parent to buy a gamecube! Gamecubes are cheap now also!

    On the other side Xbox is a DVD player (if you buy the Xbox DVD remote). Xbox has the best 1st person shooter on any console (IMO) called Halo and soon to be released Halo 2. Not really for young kids though.

    I recommend a Gamecube for Kids under 12. Becasue they have the BEST G-rating titles that you can buy. And for kids above 12 I recommend the Xbox. Because is has the BEST games for teenagers and adults. That\'s the theory I have concluded many times.

    Both are Great systems. You will be happy with either one.

    Good Luck.

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    Re: XBOX/P2/Gamecube

    For kids of that age, I would say that the gamecube is probably the best console.
    From all the consoles I think it has the most games aimed at a younger agegroup.
    Stuff like the mario range, monkeyball (great fun for even adults), zelda for when they get a bit older, the list goes on and on.

    All the current consoles have their strength and weaknesses; the gamecube\'s one is that it can\'t play dvd\'s, the PS2 has probably the weakest hardware (but biggest markshare, and dare I say it, the most quality games), the x-box is the most powerful of the current consoles.



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    Re: XBOX/P2/Gamecube

    I own both systems and I have a 6 year old son...he and I play both systems equally...Gamecube does have the whole Nintendo character franchise which is a blast for kids...Mario, Zelda...etc...etc...I would go with the Gamecube, it is cheaper and comes bundled with cool games. Hardware wise it is a step below Xbox but it is a step above PS2...also, another great idea is to get the gameboy advance adapter that plugs into the bottom of the GC letting you play GBA games...which are even less expensive than the GC games...plus they are releasing old SNES games like Ghost n Goblins, Mario Brothers, Zelda ...actually speaking of Zelda I think Toys R Us is bundling both orginal NES zelda games with the GC. XBOX is great too but the games are not as oriented for young children. The power of the system does shine through though in several games like HALO and also the Online play for XBOX is great....Tough choice...I would buy both...definately get Metroid Prime, Mario Cart, Zelda if you get the GC also...Metal Arms is an awesome game, I\'m playing that now on XBOX.

    Good luck with your choice.

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    Re: XBOX/P2/Gamecube


    Thanks for all the information you gave me.

    I have a gamesystem as we speak, I went ahead and bought the XBOX.

    My wife, went with me, and since our DVD player died, she wanted the XBOX, even though as you all state there is not much a selection for the kids, but I did find some games, that my boy will really enjoy. I found Sonic Heroes, Nemo, Buzz Lightyear, Nickelodeon, Harry Potter .

    Thats enough to tie him up for a while, plus he loves Star Wars, and we got that Attack of the Clones, and Tetris giveway with the XBOX.

    If there are no more games to choose from for kids, I might get a gamecube as well.

    I am very happy with it as my wife now has a DVD player, my son is happy as a clam, and sits on my lap learning the controls, and I am having fun too.

    Thanks for all the info and advice.


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    Re: XBOX/P2/Gamecube

    Yeah I basically bought an Xbox for the DVD player. I find I watch far more movies than I play games.

    Anyway since it\'s your DVD player as well. I suggest you buy the Advanced AV pack if your TV can handle it. I bought the following cable from overseas http://www.lik-sang.com/info.php?category=83&products_id=1905 It\'s a cheap way of getting component output from your Xbox. And it greatly improves the picture quailty. But of course your TV has to have component input. Microsoft\'s cables are the biggest rip off know to man, so I went for the cheap overseas version. [img]images/icons/rolleyes.gif[/img]

    Anyway Lik Sang have great stuff, check them out. I recommend them.

    Good Luck with your new Xbox [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] .

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