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Topic: Community Call for Composers and Music-Makers

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    Community Call for Composers and Music-Makers

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    We\'re putting together a community/collective website for composers and music-makers. It isn\'t a forum, bbs or public blog. It\'s a community collective project that hopes to network composers together with themes of mutual education, shared experience and a collective knowledge base on composing/music.

    It\'s an educational as well as networkable site that will collect information (howto, faqs, tutorials, etc) and well as composer demos, samples and other music. People interested in writing articles, reviews, or publishing papers are welcome to do so. It\'s not a pay site and you don\'t have to register at all to use it. It\'s really just a community effort. The goal is to help all of us learn from each other. Additionally, we\'re working out agreements with various media websites (games and microcinema mostly) to be a resources for each other. So game and film producers looking for music/composers can use our community as a resource, and we can do the reverse as well, letting others in the community know about opportunities and potential work as well as chances to learn more about making music for media (or in general.)

    Besides education and information, the site allows people to keep pages with their info and samples on it, though this is not required. We will open our beta program at the end of this month, and would like to invite people to join the beta and check us out and see if you\'d be interested in contributing to the community.

    We\'re not an mp3 host, so we aren\'t offering services like those of soundclick.com and mp3.com (if it ever returns), though we are going to host any music composers donate to the public domain. Everything else will links to music, so you should keep any webhosting you currently have...we aren\'t looking for your money or patronage.

    On the education front, we\'re also looking for mentors...people willing to help younger and less experienced music-makers once the community is live. If you\'d be interested in that, please let us know. It involves emails back and forth, maybe suggestions and constructive criticism, no serious commitments other than a desire to nurture new talent.

    Hope to see you there.


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    Re: Community Call for Composers and Music-Makers

    Well , it sounds like a good and famous site on the future!!!

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    Re: Community Call for Composers and Music-Makers

    Good yes...famous...well, probably not, but with time and effort it should be very, very useful. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: Community Call for Composers and Music-Makers


    Sounds like a great site and great concept. Look forward to joining in.

    Also didn\'t I read an article in Forbes (maybe Fortune) on your service to market unknown\'s to producers at lower costs?

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    Re: Community Call for Composers and Music-Makers

    *Laugh* Fortune and Forbes? I\'m afraid not. There\'s no marketing here at all, and no service really. It\'s completely a community driven resource for music-makers. If no one helps, it grows only as fast as the core people (about 20) can drive it...if everyone helps it grows much faster. Either way is fine, we\'re just trying to build something useful that will last. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    Producers and Music consumers (like film and media project producers) will be able to use ComposerPlanet as a resource for finding artists but only because the site is something of an aggregator (not a real word?). It\'s not a \"service\" and we don\'t charge anything.

    In fact the entire site is registration free. You have complete control over how much of your online persona is even present at the site. Short of an ip address, you can come and contribute in a completely anonymous fashion if you choose, or you can build a temple of narcicism to yourself here. There are mechanisms that allow people to find you by musical style, keyword, interest and whether or not you\'re looking for a project (or have a project that needs people.)

    It\'s a flexable system that affords the contributors a lot of control. The beta starts in a few weeks and we\'ll be lettng in anyone interested in helping out while we\'re still very small. Drop by and join the beta if you like!

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    Re: Community Call for Composers and Music-Makers

    Hi Luke - I thought maybe you were affiliated with lukehits.com in Los Angeles. Guess I should have see your Boston address.

    Thanks again for the info and best of luck with your new site.

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