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Topic: NI not concerned/canīt register!!!

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    NI not concerned/canīt register!!!

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    Since I got my Bosendorfer plug-in Iīm trying to register the Kompakt on NI. Whenever I go to the register page I receive an error message. Iīve already sent 3 emails to NI and they replyed only once asking for my sistem ID , then I provided it and... nothing. My 5 days have already gone and Iīm not able to use the product anymore. I remain asking them but they donīt reply.
    I just donīt know why all this things against piracy - theyīre simply useless , rackers always break this protections - and who really have problem with it are the cosumers , that have a bed service from the company. It would be easyer and faster if I hired a racker to break the registration than to wait for the NI support , Am I rigth or wrong???... but Iīm not going to do this...
    And donīt tell me that I shoundnīt post things like that , just re-read above and if NI are not concerned about my problem someone here migth be!!!

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    Re: NI not concerned/canīt register!!!

    Hi Leo,

    No way any sane person would not take issue with what you\'ve described. Did you ever get a response?

    Also, does your sig line mean you plan to move to the West Coast?

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    Re: NI not concerned/canīt register!!!

    Hi Joanne!!!

    Yes I got the response , read it here http://www.northernsounds.com/ubb/NonCGI/ultimatebb.php?ubb=get_topic;f=1;t=000256
    About the second question... Humm , Who knows!!! Am I welcome???

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    Re: NI not concerned/canīt register!!!

    hi leo,

    Glad you resolved the NI registration issue.

    I definitely need to travel outside the U.S. more. Why did I think that only the U.S. has the Pacific Ocean! After thought, I realized S. America has the Pacific too.

    Yes, you are welcome here, but my guess is that you are planning to simply move west from Brazil, but stay in S. America. Or maybe that\'s not what \"Pacific Ocean soon\" means?

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    Re: NI not concerned/canīt register!!!

    Actually thereīs no Pacific Ocean here in Brazil - \"Pacific Ocean\" mean... my closest dream [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img] !!!

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