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Topic: Looking for feedback on your music?

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    Looking for feedback on your music?

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    Hey all,

    Just a reminder that our beta officially starts in two weeks and we\'ve still still got spaces for people who are interested in sharing their experiences, music, and ideas with other like-minded music makers and composers. If you need feedback on you rmusic from an open community who just wants you to succeed, come take a look.

    We are NOT a forum, blog, or mp3-hosting site. It\'s a community site dedicated to the idea that anyone who wants to make music should have the chance to do so. We focus on community, both teaching and learning, meeting people like yourself, getting feedback on your music and finding ways to bring opportunities to everyone in the community.

    We\'re totally free, don\'t require registration or even an email address. All we ask is that you treat the community like a home, helping people who ask for help, and contributing to the well being of the site.

    Thanks for your time.


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    Re: Looking for feedback on your music?

    Good luck!

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