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Topic: Bummed Out!!!

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    Bummed Out!!!

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    My tale is probably going to have all of you shaking your heads and saying, \"I could have told you that.\"

    I just bid on what seemed to be a new, boxed copy of Sound Forge 7.0 at ebay. Already I can hear you drawing in breath through your teeth and sighing, \"...never buy software at ebay.\" But I didn\'t know that.

    I received a copy of Sound Forge on a beat up, unlabelled CD-R, from some jerk who is too much of a coward to respond to my subsequent e-mails. So I\'m sat here, having thrown considerable money at it - enough to feel like I should own Sound Forge - and a copy which will probably work just fine...

    ...I can\'t tell you how tempting it is to just install the sucker, but I\'m afraid I believe in total honesty. Anyway, let this serve as a cautionary tale to anyone else who may chance across what looks like a real bargain at ebay. Don\'t do it. Just save up and buy it from the cheapest retailer you can find.

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    Re: Bummed Out!!!

    Did you pay by credit card? If so, you can go to the credit card company and request a chargeback.

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    Re: Bummed Out!!!

    Ebay would probably be happy to make an example of a dude hocking pirate software. Report it. Ebay will investigate, and if nothing else THEY will eventually refund your dough (I think).
    The only thing is, they\'re famous for taking their sweetas$ time.
    Also, Don\'t settle for their online fraud form - google ebay for their number and get someone on the phone to help you out.

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    Re: Bummed Out!!!


    I\'ll try both these ideas.

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