Santa, we need to talk . . .

Santa's a great guy. He's a snappy dresser. He's a heck of a philanthropist. And when it comes to trendsetting, he was sportin' a beard long before any of those hipsters. Seriously, we all love Santa.

But . . . sometimes Santa doesn't get us what we really want. Like when you were 7 and asked Santa for some firecrackers, but he gave you a Barbie instead. Or when you were 12 and asked for a motorcycle, but you got a stupid dress and a bicycle helmet.

Or this year, when you asked for RealiDrums, the world's coolest new drum library. You dropped hints. Not just to Santa, but to everyone you know. You even told them that RealiDrums was $100 off! But was there a copy of RealiDrums under the Christmas tree / Hanukkah menorah / Festivus pole? Nope. You got a subscription to Weightwatchers instead. Like . . . seriously? Does no one listen to you???
Well, sometimes a girl's gotta take matters into her own hands. And thanks to your friends at Realitone, you can do it without breaking the bank. That's right, we're extending our holiday prices for one more week, until January 11th. Not just for girls, but boys, too! Here's what we've got:

Realivox Ladies - Five solo female vocals sing *your* melodies with true legato. As low as $149!
Realivox Blue - Solo female vocalist with Wordbuilder, only $119!
RealiBanjo- Just 45 bucks!
Acoustic Lite - $29!
RealiWhistle- Only 25 bucks! How do we even stay in business with prices this low???

And of course, our new drum library, RealiDrums, still on sale for just $199!
Why would anyone make a new drum library when there are already about a million of them? Check out this video to see why RealiDrums isn't just another drum library:

So don't blame Santa.

He's great guy, but let's face it, music isn't really his thing. So do yourself a favor and head on over to and make this a post-Christmas / post-Hanukkah / post-Kwanzaa / post - Festivus to remember!