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Topic: It's a shame...

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    It\'s a shame...

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    ...that in order to get more than 5 replies on a demo one has posted there needs to be a \"fight\" going on within the thread. I am a GPO user, everyone here knows that, there is a reason I don\'t post on the EW/QL forums... (I call this the supportive or ignore vibe)

    If we could get more of a supportive/ignore vibe here and less of an attack/defense vibe, it might encourage a more positive environment. Don\'t get me wrong, criticism is good, even if negative, but let\'s make it constructive...

    Just a thought, this was brought up because of no specific post that sat around for hours with almost no replies and then BLEW-UP into an argument... [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

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    Re: It\'s a shame...

    I stronlgy agree. This place sometimes seems more like a soap opera than a discussion forum. The things some of you people argue about (names withheld) transcend the definition of \"nerdy\".

    Lets at least PRETEND like we aren\'t all apes, and try to do something beneficial and useful to everyone here.

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    Re: It\'s a shame...

    lets take this outside.......

    JUST KIDDING [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img]

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    Re: It\'s a shame...

    I\'m remembering threads of demos from Simon, Thomas, Damon, Sharmy, Ken-P, they all had more than 5 replies to them. Yes those took place a few days ago, but I think it has to do something with the style of demos, or with some details that catched the listener\'s ear...


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    Re: It\'s a shame...

    Bump... in light of recent thread(s)...

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    Re: It\'s a shame...

    I think it depends on whether you are a hobbyist or working as a composer. I recently got some critisism of my \"pioneers\" demo. I used that and I now have a version that sounds pretty good. If you are doing this for fun, then it\'s nice to hear positive comments. If you are really trying to advance your self, then you should welcome what comes. Sometimes, though, good things do get ignored, as in all walks of life. Try adding something like this to your signature:

    - Nick Phoenix (Bush is a Liar)

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    Re: It\'s a shame...

    It would work better if your signature was something opinionated rather than a statement of fact...we all know Bush is a liar...hell, so is George Senior and Neal. Must be genetic.

    Try something like \"Pamela Anderson\'s Breasts will never be nominated for a Golden Globe\" I firmly believe they should/will be...at the very least they should get a nomination for Best Supporting Feature on an Actress, which could lead into sub-categories like Best Supporting Support Bra for an Actress. I\'m just sayin...

    Originally posted by Nick Phoenix:
    Try adding something like this to your signature:

    - Nick Phoenix (Bush is a Liar)
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">

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    Re: It\'s a shame...

    Exactly right, Nick,

    I\'ve posted a small number of demos. Sometimes I get the \"nice job\" type of response. That feels good. Other times it\'s the \"I don\'t like that style\" thing. People have been generally polite enough not to post \"that sucks\", and if they did, I\'d (mostly) ignore it.

    The best feedback is the well thought out critique. I love reading stuff like \"could use more dynamics\", \"the flute is mixed too high/low\", \"it sounds like it\'s underwater\", or \"the orchestration is too static\". The first natural reaction is that your feelings get hurt a bit. The second reaction is to improve your craft.

    So, even as a hobbyist, I enjoy learning from the reactions of others.

    -Jon Fairhurst (Liars should face consequences.)

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    Re: It\'s a shame...

    I think my sig says it all....

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    Re: It\'s a shame...

    When you get NO response, can you assume that people are just overwhelmed by your talent and are speechless?

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