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Topic: Simon Ravn, banned?

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    Simon Ravn, banned?

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    I hear Simon Ravn has been banned.

    I think this shows how commercialized this forum has become. Our freedom of speech is nothing but a nice memory of the past. This forum used to be different. It used to be a forum where people could speak their minds without the iron claws of commercialists interfering.

    Don\'t get me wrong, I do believe having developers here is beneficial for us all, and I do believe Papa Chalk has done a great job at keeping the forum clean. I just question his judgement in this particular case.

    I hope people realize what a great loss Simon is to this board. Not only has he used almost all commercially available orchestral libraries, he has also kindly provided developers with great demos in order to make the decision for potential customers an easier one. Sure he\'s a guy of strong opinions with an unpolished mouth, but essentially his knowledge of the current technology is something that has helped 100s of people on this forum. He has been one of the building blocks of this forum. Take a look at his post count! Over 2000 posts! A tiny fraction of these posts have been slightly provocative.

    Papa Chalk, I urge you to look at the content of a random selection of posts that Simon has spent time writing. He is one of the reasons your forum has become so popular. He has been with us from the beginning! Please show him more respect. You owe him that much.

    Do developers see him as a threat because he speaks his mind? Because he finds problems with libraries and share his opinions of them?
    This is a board FOR THE END USER - if you let the developers win this fight, you are giving them a clear path to total market control on this forum. It has come to a point where people are afraid to speak their minds because the developers and their mobs hang out here. Please notice how the Advanced Orchestra and Miroslav Vitous libraries are being continuously trashed without consequence, but as soon as a library developed by a member of this forum is trashed, the consequences are of a completely different nature.

    For everyone reading this, and for everyone who has ever benefitted from one of Simon\'s posts in one way or another, please join me in this petition to unban him.


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    Re: Simon Ravn, banned?

    I think this thread may have disappeared. At least temporarily but I found it with a search. I will certainly join you in petition Thomas.

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    Re: Simon Ravn, banned?

    Un-ban Simon! Hear hear!

    Add me to the petition please.


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    Re: Simon Ravn, banned?

    I agree for the unban. Free speech is something we do have in this country [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]
    This forum would be dull without Simon.

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    Re: Simon Ravn, banned?

    Free... your.... mind- uh, I mean Simon.


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    Re: Simon Ravn, banned?

    Don\'t know Simon...

    ..But that earplug thread was pretty funny. Bring back the clown. [img]images/icons/tongue.gif[/img]

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    Re: Simon Ravn, banned?

    I thought censoring was only taken place in certain subareas of this forum, but I have to change my mind here. It seems to be the case that one can\'t say his opinion freely anymore, as it was the case when I registered to this community (and before). I think nobody will benefit of the moderated praise to all products by the same people over and over again (a repeating pattern) - then what could be improved if there is no criticism allowed? How could the developers take care of yet non-availible features if there is nothing to improve? Creative opinions expressed by users, and I count Simon into one of those, too, help all people in the end. I think the word \'commercialized\' pretty much sums all that up.

    There are not many members on the forum who could say they contributed as much as Simon, quality and quantity-wise. I noticed he took a step back on the forum as the personal flaming on him and his honest opinions started, as I didn\'t see a lot of demos from him posted on the board anymore in the last year, maybe for a reason. I myself have benefitted greatly from his posts and opinions, learning a lot of the different things that it takes to major in the sampling world. I do not consider myself a Pro or well informed yet that I cannot take further advice from him. Afterall I have to add I did not always agree with him, but that\'s the human nature.

    I\'ll join the petition to unban him.

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    Re: Simon Ravn, banned?

    I fairly much agree with Thomas. I have met Papa Chalk and all, I think of him as a friend, as well as Francis, Gary G., Nick, Simon and many others. I consider Simon to be one of the top three composers on this forum judging by music and virtual orchestra technique. I have chatted with Simon often and while he is a person of strong opinions (to say the least:^), you have to respect what he has accomplished. I think there are ways to deal with a situation, but banning is one of last resort. There are bans of the past I agree with, but this is not one of them. I respectfully urge Papa Chalk to reconsider this ban.

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    Re: Simon Ravn, banned?

    Simon stopped contributing anything constructive to this forum a long time ago. Check the agreement you make when you sign on here. Your presence here is not a right, it\'s a priviledge - one that was abused by Simon for too long.

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    Re: Simon Ravn, banned?

    yo, bring back simon [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    can\'t imagine this forum without him!

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