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Topic: OT - Banned

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    OT - Banned

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    Simon Ravn has been banned.

    This really kicks my tits, Simon wasnt that bad and no worse than many others.



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    Re: OT - Banned

    Huh?? Why? Which thread did this happen in? Everybody seems to get banned these days. [img]images/icons/frown.gif[/img]

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    Re: OT - Banned

    What the heck happened? I\'m mean, I know Simon can get a bit grumpy (just like the rest of us) from time to time but he\'s been a major contributor for the last 3 years at least!

    Bring Simon back! (please)


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    Re: OT - Banned

    Ok I see why he was banned now - the stuff in the Diva thread. Not really a bannable offense though I think. Just give him a slap round the face and a few days to think about what he\'s done and then let him back in.

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    Re: OT - Banned

    Simon was doing nothing but making punkout comments and diss\'ing Frank at every turn. He hasn\'t posted a constructive or positive comment in this forum that I\'ve seen EVER. He\'s been snide and crass and many of his post didn\'t rank above pure troll status. I hope he stays banned, and I commend PapaChalk for his actions.

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    Re: OT - Banned

    Geez, dude...suck on some helium and lighten up a little. You\'re about 2psi away from blowing a gasket.

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    Re: OT - Banned

    Simon used to post many useful posts. But I\'ve noticed besides Diva that he has been posting negative comments on the GPO threads.

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    Re: OT - Banned

    Why would he be banned only on the account of diva? [img]images/icons/rolleyes.gif[/img] I\'ll admit that may have helped but....sorry not fooled.

    here again is a post from me in a recent thread.

    Sorry guys. It\'s very unfortunate. This thread has no effect on our decision we had enough. Especial after it has been going on for quite sometime. It\'s not like it just came out of the blue he knows exactly why. We spoke to him on numerous occasions. Thomas we are quite aware of this situation and were this is all coming from. It has nothing to do with language barriers culture barriers or commercialization. Here is something almost everyone understands on the Internet “no Trolling.”

    While we are at it no outside company, No specific users who have decided to band together through (mirc, email list or third party forum) owns, operates, and or controls this site. Decisions are made directly from us. Read our rules. If you by chance have stepped into this thread because someone has petitioned you to speak on Simons behalf and you really have no idea what’s going on you should read my recent posts. It’s very strange that he’s spending his time talking to everyone else but us? He has our email.

    Just to be clear I\'ll say it once again NO.

    It\'s just too bad. [img]images/icons/frown.gif[/img]
    Sorry this and any subsequent posts like this will be moved to off topic. It has nothing to do with sample libraries It feels more like you are trying to manipulate us and the forum through the use of this section(sample libraries)...... not good.

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