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Topic: Sugar Coated Hypocrites

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    Sugar Coated Hypocrites

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    Suger Coated Hypocrites?

    Hey!........how about that instead of \"log in\" button we have this gigantic developers a s s you need to kiss before entering...like, a flash anim..

    sure not a lot of people would mind...and those few who would , would be banned anyways...


    The Towering Giant

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    Re: Sugar Coated Hypocrites

    Heh, I almost got banned once because it was assumed I was working for a certain vienna company trying to bash the competition (Hi Nick!). Can you imagine? [img]images/icons/rolleyes.gif[/img]

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    Re: Sugar Coated Hypocrites

    Yeah.....I was going to say that it got out of hand...but I think it got exactly where owners of NS and \"new majority\" of members wants it to be...

    Developers should have their own forums like VSL does, and be equal members when they come here..

    This will obviously not happen, but it used to be this way...and it was better...


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    Senior Member Bruce A. Richardson's Avatar
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    Re: Sugar Coated Hypocrites

    Having once been banned here myself, I will just say that I feel sad. Is Simon one of my favorite colleagues here? Probably not. But I believe communities are remarkably self righting. I feel sad.

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    Re: Sugar Coated Hypocrites

    Guys, this has nothing to do with developers at all, so don\'t misplace the blame. This has to do with Simon himself and the constant barrage of put downs, negativity and disruptive comments he\'s made in the past few months -- and not just toward developers.

    Don\'t blame NS or the developers, blame Simon. \"Nice guys\" don\'t act the way he did.

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    Re: Sugar Coated Hypocrites

    Originally posted by robgb:
    Guys, this has nothing to do with developers at all, so don\'t misplace the blame.
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Based on my experiences I don\'t share that thought. That\'s all I\'m gonna say tho, no need to get me banned again right now. 8-)

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    Re: Sugar Coated Hypocrites

    I don\'t doubt your experiences, whatever they may be. But in THIS PARTICULAR CASE, it\'s Simon\'s fault.

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    Re: Sugar Coated Hypocrites

    [quote]Originally posted by PaPa Chalk:
    Originally posted by Sharmy:

    ]A few days before the Diva thread, he was asked to tone it down and given a choice to either continue his present tone of posting and get banned or try to place more constuctive posts. He chose not to change anything so.......

    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Sharmy you\'d be a great moderator you hit the nail on the head. This did not happen out of the blue. There is PM on this board our first way to contact anyone.

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    Re: Sugar Coated Hypocrites

    It has a lot to do with developers and their aggressive marketing on this forum...and not all of them..

    And it is really sad that obviously majority of members opted for forum where:

    -everybody likes everything (unless of course we are talking about non present party, then you can slam away)

    -all demos are excelent or in worst case \"ok-with room for improvment\" (just take a look at GPO at GOS forum)

    Everything on this board is now taken so seriously, to even comical levels...is really all the stuff that we talk about on this board soooo serious?? Or does it just feels good to feel important and respected no mather if you deserved it?

    Bahh...I\'m just repeating myself...

    Other thing that is ugly is that some members who defined \"being a troll\", in the silver vs gpo period are present without any problems..

    Well I\'ll miss Simon around here for sure...


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    Re: Sugar Coated Hypocrites

    Simon had to stop to post things over and over again... Others didn\'t have to yet, they still continue to say the same not very well informed opinions over and over again, I forgot to count it, but you know, too often. Just realize how much less people post nowadays that you cosidered knowledgeable a year ago. NAMM\'03 - take the step and read some posts from a year ago. They went away silently, not being amazed anymore by the place where they could share their ideas to let them evolve and involve to the sample libraries. Hence, they even produced their own free libs. All that behaviour has come to a point where it nearly doesn\'t exist anymore. Sad but true. So now let\'s go on and not cry tears, let\'s defend our only one opinion and everything a bit more, we still got something to defend for our lives!


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