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Topic: Harp vs organ?

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    Harp vs organ?

    I hate with a passion when frustrated people play pieces intended by the composer for example to be performed by an orchestra and they playing it with a harmonica, like the 9th with a kazoo...
    But, here is an exception, playing the d-minor on a harp, incredible technique and taste...



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    Re: Harp vs organ?

    Wow! This is astounding. She gives the harp quite a workout as she somehow pulls off what at first glance would appear to be impossible. The fact that this piece can sound so good on an instrument as far away form the organ as East is from West, is a testament to Bach's incomparable genius. Her dynamic control is amazing. I like that they showed her footwork now and then, as people don't often think about the fact, like an organist, a harpist's feet are quite busy. The fact that she looks like Jodi Foster (but younger) doesn't hurt either.

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    Re: Harp vs organ?

    Well, Ted, in general, I agree with your outlook. However, as you pointed out here, there are some exceptions. I think that in the case of Bach, probably does well on any instrument where it fits the range.

    But a Chopin nocturne or scherzo performed by a string quartet or organ would make me cringe fearsomely


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    Re: Harp vs organ?

    Mein Gott! - Caramba! - Holy Toledo (and Cleveland too)!

    How did I miss this? It is the most impressive performance on harp in the Universe and beyond!

    I have seen and heard many harpists performing difficult works but this one takes the cake. As the British folks say, "I am gobsmacked!" I believe that Herr Bach himself would have been totally amazed had he heard this tour-de-force. This gal has done the impossible and made it look easy. Sadly, I can't even walk and recite the Russian alphabet simultaneously! It is not possible for me to chew gum and play the bagpipes at the same time. I have no future.

    Nevertheless, thanks very much for posting this, Mister Ted.


    Larry Alexander

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    Wink Re: Harp vs organ?

    Actually I think that even if it's indisputably true that Bach music being based on counterpoint and melodies more than instrumentation colours works well almost with every tune-making tool, including Nokia phone and toy-pianos this performance is definitely something more than just Bach magics...

    the girl is an amazing virtuoso and a sensible interpreter, but the toccata as well it's a perfect match for symphonic harp, being based on fast arpeggios and armonic patterns. Some other Organ masterpieces wouldn't sound so well.

    Great post , tankyou Ted.

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