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Topic: Vintaudio Problems

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    Vintaudio Problems

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    Recently I bought the Steinway Boston piano library from Vintaudio. This was especially attractive to me since the library was on sale. I listened to a demo they had on their website and was very impressed. I had been considering purchasing other piano libraries from PMI or East West but after listening to the Vintaudio demo I was convinced that I would go with their product instead.

    When I received the DVD it did not install correctly. I sent Vintaudio emails about my install problems but they never responded to me. I finally did get the DVD to install after several attempts. Then I discovered that this piano library has virtually no sustain whatsoever. I am very disappointed with it. Avoid this library and avoid Vintaudio. Their demo was very misleading. I feel they misrepresented their product and basically stole from me. This might be bad form bashing Vintaudio on the Northern Sound Forum but since they\'ve ignored me I figure I need to warn other people about them. Next time I\'ll be sure to go with a tried and true company that gives good customer service like PMI or East West. I\'m sure to get a better product and definitely better customer service.

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    Re: Vintaudio Problems

    This sounds odd to mee, this is the first negative post I have read about the boston sample..

    Regarding customer service, I\'ve had nothing but good experiences with vintaudio. Quick and helpful e-mail responses are good enough for me. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    Perhaps they/he has been busy lately?

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    Re: Vintaudio Problems

    DVD reading problems is quite common. This is not Franky\'s fault but the first generation of DVD players that aren\'t perfect. Usually a firmware update of your player will do the trick - but sometimes you have you buy a new plaer to make it work.

    I haven\'t tried the piano so I don\'t know about sustain, but unless Vintaudio decided to cut samples very short - it could be the nature of the Steinway with a shorter sustain. There is probably someone who can enlighten us on this.

    Different keyboards have different sustains and this is also a part of their character - and eventually this also set the way the instrument is used - in some music a short sustain can give a special cool sound.

    But no matter what it isn\'t polite to bash a company on a forum. It really hurts the company\'s reputation and can destroy years of marketing. You say you haven\'t heard from Franky - well maybe he is on vacation, maybe he is sick - who knows? Maybe your emails got bounced or caught in a spam filter? There can be many reasons why you haven\'t heard from him and it doesn\'t have to be because he won\'t help you.

    Anyway - I suggest you contact Franky again and ask administartor to delete this topic NOW.

    all the best

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    Re: Vintaudio Problems

    It sounds a bit unfair to bash a company when they haven\'t really had the chance to respond.
    As mentioned there might be emailproblems, he might be away; as far as I know Vintaudio is a small company run by 1 or 2 people so give them a chance.

    Also, can you give some more details about your system? I don\'t know this library but in general I have heard only good comments on their libraries. Are you using this library in GS or another GS compatible sampler?
    If so, the conversion to another format might have messed up the adsr or release tails...not an unusual thing with conversions to other samplers.

    I think on this forum you\'ll find both developers and readers to be quite helpful with sorting out problems..give us some more info on your system and how you use the library...it might be a different problem altogether.



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    Re: Vintaudio Problems

    Well, for the record I have got excellent personalized service from Vinaudio. Franky spends time here on the forum supporting his product and offering help to his customers, and I had the pleasure of receiving some very helpful emails regarding a minor problem I had with the performances in the C7 collection.

    I do have Vinaudio\'s C7 Yamaha, and it is a high quality sample. In fact, it is one of the better piano libraries available...I also have the guitars (using them right now AMF) and they are among the best sampled guitars you can guy. I have heard nothing but praise for his other libraies.

    I\'m sure Franky will address your problem...I just think it\'s important to know that there are many, many users who love his libraries and have had nothing but excellent first class service.

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    Re: Vintaudio Problems

    You were all quick to defend Franky. The fact remains that he hasn\'t replied to any of my emails and this has been going on for nearly six weeks. I don\'t think this is a good way to run a company.

    Also, I don\'t see why I should have my original email post deleted. How are we going to actually discuss the negative things about sample libraries and their developers if we have to act like they are beyond reproach. And there is nothing wrong with my DVD reader. I have never experienced any problems with DVD before. Vintaudio was premature in releasing the DVD version. I have never had this lack of attention or service from any other music retailer or sound developer. The bottom line is that this is bad customer service any way you cut it.

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    Re: Vintaudio Problems

    I hear you one this one. I received a bad DVD from Vintaudio, and it was like pulling teeth to get it replaced. He ignored my emails and I finally had to call him to get him to respond. I won\'t order from him again. I see nothing wrong with publically reporting the behavior of sampleware vendors.

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    Re: Vintaudio Problems

    Zen baby !

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    Re: Vintaudio Problems

    For the record, my dealings with Vintaudio have been excellent. When I got the Yamaha C7 piano (the CD version, not the DVD version) I had trouble reading disc #12. I sent an email to Franky which promptly responded to:

    \"Hi Lawrence will ship you another CD12 first thing Monday Morning, sorry about that.\" (That was on a Saturday.)

    On Monday I received another email from Franky:

    \"Shipped you another CD today, again sorry about and thanks for understanding you should get it very soon.\"

    Well, I did receive the CD promptly, and it did solve the promblem. Excellent service, as far as I\'m concerned. I would not hesitate to order from Vintaudio again.

    BTW, when checking my emails about this, I realized that I have had a number of email exchanges with Franky - about his various pianos, demos etc. He always responded promptly, accurately, patiently and professionally.


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    Re: Vintaudio Problems

    Ok Motley,... I have found you Tom Reiner right ?
    You emailed me several times gushing about the sound of the Steinway, and I replied to all your emails.

    Now..... I have NEVER recieved ANY emails from you concerning any problems with our library and I verified all our email adresses.


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