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Topic: A call for developer/moderator credibility

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    A call for developer/moderator credibility

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    I know there\'s a good chance that this thread will be moved, modified or deleted, but on the rare chance that this thread will be able to exist here, I hope it will serve as a point of reference and a word of warning to those that may pose an opposing view to the vested interests here.

    When you make a buying decision for a library, you not only license a product that breathes life into your creativity, but you also invest in the people that have produced that product. I believe that it is incumbent upon us to discuss not only the quality of sample libraries in this forum, but also the quality of the developers.

    I thought I\'d take the \"saturation point\" that I\'ve reached and hopefully convert it into a constructive conversation about the level of conduct that we\'d like to see from the sample developers that participate in and moderate these forums. The ironic thing - is that I made a good faith effort to offer my opinion based on rational and reasoned opinions - at times in threads where I\'ve been dragged in by having my quotes copied to threads in other forums - or when I\'ve been subject to haranguing or other abuse by various parties, including Nick Phoenix, a developer and moderator of the EastWest forum.

    The irony comes in when I offer my opinion, Nick sees fit to modify the post in order to denegrate me. To whit:

    Later, Nick sees that he can\'t remove the edit timestamp from my post, and attempts to cover his tracks by later deleting the majority of the thread, including the above post. This of course has the side benefit of re-steering the discussion into another direction that allows him and his cronies to bolster their products and denegrate others. Click here for a ZIP file of the original thread that I archived before it could be deleted. Compare it to the thread that is there now and you may see what I mean.

    Note: Out of deference to Gary Garritan, and by his specific request, I have removed a major section of my post. I personally believe that it is germane to the discussion, and bears witness to the organized process of personal defamation and commercial disparagement that is common practice by Nick Phoenix and his delegates. However, in order to keep the hordes of EastWest sycophants from causing even more injury, I have agreed to Garritan\'s request to remove the part of this thread that involves specific statements made about his products. My apologies to Gary Garritan for any inconvenience that my quotes from other NS threads may have caused.

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    Re: A call for developer/moderator credibility

    We\'re against you Houston. Haven\'t you noticed? Funny thing is that the whole clamour of negative reaction from my little review of Garritan Strings was part of the inspiration to do our own. I had absolutely no plans to do it. It was really Doug\'s idea and happened later. I still stand by what I say 100%. They should probably remove this slanderous post of yours. I have already promised Mark and Dave to ignore you.

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    Re: A call for developer/moderator credibility

    This brings up another interesting topic. Beta tester loyalty to developers is a bad thing. It\'s bad for everyone else on the forum. I\'ll let everyone ponder those thoughts.

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    Re: A call for developer/moderator credibility

    Yeah it\'s this kind of crap, smearing, pettiness and trolling from developers and customers alike that makes this place so unpleasant to visit.

    Maybe they could change the name of this place from NS to BS cos thats all that seems to be posted these days!

    Ben H

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    Re: A call for developer/moderator credibility

    I think this \"Cold library War\" doesn´t give nothing Good here, Why don´t you Stop it, and just play Music???


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    Re: A call for developer/moderator credibility

    I thought the Cubase forums were out of control.

    It\'s sad to see this happening here, I have a great deal of respect for Northern Sounds and the majority of the people in it.

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    Re: A call for developer/moderator credibility

    Houston, even if you are right, where do you find the time to do all this? You even archive posts! Are you a musician or a lawyer? [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

    Sorry, I\'m not keeping myself informed enough about these matters to play judge and tell people where I stand. I\'m only in it for the music.

    Alex Cremers

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    Re: A call for developer/moderator credibility

    One of the reasons this forum is going downhill is Houston\'s Holy War against other people\'s assumed agendas. Stop with this revenge stuff Houston, it\'s getting so pathetic. You are really spoiling the atmosphere here. There is an OT section for this ranting.

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    Re: A call for developer/moderator credibility

    I also think that Houston needs a Kit-Kat and one huge mirror...


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    Re: A call for developer/moderator credibility

    I\'m speaking as a neutral composer here:

    What\'s more important to a modern day musician - the tools or the people behind it?

    Com\'on stop this ravaging. Do it private or whatever. It\'s not going to be any good just harming the community. Even if someone is an a**h*l* who cares ? The product still has top priority over anything else. Sure support is important but does support include the way someone behaves in a forum ?

    Now move this to OT because it\'s really not about Sampling in any case. *sigh*

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