The Sample Wars/personal attacks spectacle raging on this forum is beginning to feel like terminal decline.

I haven\'t used this forum for all that long, but I\'ve learned a helluva lot and saved money simply by buying the right library first time thanks to the advice and knowledge expressed here. I even won the SAM comp because some of the tips I found on NS were so spot on.

But with the continual sniping, accusations and counter accusation going on at NS, the forum is becoming less and less interesting, useful and fun.

I\'m a musician not a psychiatrist, but it strikes me that some posters are using the forum to channel and express whatever unresolved personal problems they may have by jumping on the \"sample war\" bandwagon. I suspect that many of these arguments are sophistic. I also include those who also respond in \"horror\" to whatever so-called troll posts appear. By responding to it so forcefully, you merely perpetuate it.

This has a whiff of emotional hypocrisy.

Don\'t forget that many musicians arrive at this site on a daily basis; freshers looking for help and advice just like I did. What they may see instead is a lot drama-queens shrieking at each other. Useless.

I appreciate that such dramatics can make one feel \"alive\" and \"important\" - it\'s one of the by-products of internet chat rooms. But after a while it begins to resemble a life lived by proxy, and a slightly insane one at that.

If I want drama, I\'ll buy a ticket to Death Of A Salesman.

By posting this, I\'m risking becoming part of the problem. However, I think it\'s worth me saying it just once and never again.

Please note that I\'m posting this moving \"plea for sanity\" in the Off Topic section which is EXACTLY where it belongs.

My best wishes to NS - make music, you fools. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]