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Topic: Feelings of Isolation stemming from my obsession of ethics

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    Feelings of Isolation stemming from my obsession of ethics

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    This is really a tense moment for me. I just got a message from a friend, telling me they had a problem with a PC, that turned out to be having a problem resulting from a burned copy of windows XP they had gotten from a friend of theirs...

    And this triggered an innundation of memories that has put me in a dreary mood. Pretty much ALL of my friends use illegal copies (not just 1 , but many) of music and software. I own a CD burner, but have always used it exclusively for backup purposes. It\'s actually kind of depressing. It really seems like 99.9% percent of the people with CD burners are actually using them for legal purposes. I work hard for virtually every CD that I purchase, whether it\'s software, samples, or music. My CD collection is thus fairly small. I don\'t have nearly as much as my friends do, and it really makes me wonder if I am taxing or burdening myself as a result of my stubborn refusal to give in. They, after all, have access to more music, more media and software, and can hence learn more about music.

    I really doubt that I am going to change my ways as a result of this experience. Still, it pretty much makes me feel alone in the world for choosing this path.

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    Re: Feelings of Isolation stemming from my obsession of ethics

    < insert imperial march here >

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    Re: Feelings of Isolation stemming from my obsession of ethics

    No, you are right on. Walking in the light is its own reward.

    When it comes to sample libraries, it\'s really a sad situation. We know so many people here, and I believe that most people on this forum are straight shooters.

    Still, here in Dallas there is a lot of media production, and a lot of piracy. I was in Fry\'s buying hard drives about six months ago, and a guy struck up a conversation with me. He noticed I had a basket full of big drives, and said, \"Wow, I guess you must either be a musician or a video editor.\"

    I told him musician, and we started talking about technology. Every time I\'d mention something, he\'d say, \"Yeah, I\'ve got that.\"

    Finally (of course) it came out that he had been trading and downloading.

    I think I probably stunned him a little, because after he\'d confessed to all the piracy, I just looked him straight in the eye and said, \"I know almost every person that made those libraries you stole, and I can\'t believe you\'re doing this to them.\" I think my eyes were probably even misting up, because it just pissed me off so badly and made me feel so frustrated.

    At any rate, I just turned around and walked off, and when I looked back he was still just standing there sort of shellshocked. He seemed like a nice enough guy. I\'m sure I didn\'t affect anything about his life, except that he probably went home to his wife and told her what a weirdo he\'d met in Fry\'s.

    Still, who knows? Maybe it had an effect. At any rate, that\'s how I try to discuss piracy when it comes up. People imagine it to be some huge entity they\'re somehow \"getting the better of,\" when it\'s really people like Scarbee, Nick, Kip, Dan, Michiel, Frank, Franky...and the many many more who are just guys like us trying to put some food on the table and lead a life.

    I think it\'s great that you don\'t use pirated software or trade pirated music. If good honest people are willing to stand up in public and remind others that people just like them are getting badly hurt, maybe a little revolution gets started. One thing is for sure. It won\'t start any other way.

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    Re: Feelings of Isolation stemming from my obsession of ethics

    I could never stand to be that tight-ed.

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    Re: Feelings of Isolation stemming from my obsession of ethics


    I\'m sure it had some effect. I (as a teenager) used to copy my friends records mainly because I didn\'t have a clue that I was actually robbing someone. It wasn\'t until I went to a recording school and got some education that I realized what effect my pirating had.

    He\'s probably in shock because now in someways there\'s now a real person behind the product. He\'ll either change his tune or start convincing himself that it doesn\'t apply to him. Hopefully the former.

    I\'m pretty sure he\'ll be feeling guilty everytime he sees you now.


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    Re: Feelings of Isolation stemming from my obsession of ethics

    This has to be one twisted society if people that uphold values and laws are condemned for their efforts, while those that lack values find themselves privy to praise.

    I remember a while back on CSPAN, watching some female senator (whom I cannot remember at the moment.) It was hysterically funny, if a bit disturbing. She, as an Italian, was at some sort of formal ethinic pride group, and was serving as an official spokesperson. If I recall corectly, she even had some position of prominence. But anyways, here she was, giving a serious talk on why The Soprano\'s should be pulled from television air, and how it injured the image of the Italian Maffia. She didn\'t like how the show portrayed the Italian criminals as being essentially lunk-headed bufoons.

    I really had to ask myself, \"what does she expect?\"

    I suppose that criminals should be given a POSITIVE image, and be praised for their lack of morals and values, and their willingness to stoop to the lowest levels of humanity.

    I was honestly disgusted that this person was voted into public office.

    It\'s nice to hear that there at least some musicians with a good sense of values out there, though.

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    Re: Feelings of Isolation stemming from my obsession of ethics

    Does anyone have any thoughts about Be-Cool.org? http://www.be-cool.org/aboutus.html or the BSA? http://www.bsa.org/ and a Dilbert-esque business software piracy site - http://www.bsaengineers.com/engineers.html

    They both seem to have a good handle on body of knowledge as well as report forms. Be-cool is free to join, but BSA looks like that might not be the case - they seem to be more active in terms of lobbying, etc.

    What are the thoughts on this - and possibly using Be-Cool.org as a rallying point for these discussions here?

    BTW, I tried to sign on as a piracy-free zone, and got an error after submitting the form. I\'ve contacted them, but the last post in their forum looks like it came in more than a year ago, so I\'m not sure how actively it\'s managed. Just FYI.

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    Re: Feelings of Isolation stemming from my obsession of ethics


    In my day job, I am a network administrator, and before that I was an independent consultant for 18 years. I can\'t tell you how many times business owners have asked me to install or fix pirated software. However, I never knowingly did it. If they didn\'t have the originals, I insisted they go buy a copy. If they didn\'t want to do that, I left. It probably cost me a lot of money, but I slept well.

    I\'ve spent the last 20 years educating my children to be the same way. All their friends want to trade CDs and games with them, but I\'ve threatened to take away their computers/and/or CD players if I ever find they\'ve been doing that.

    Some of my very good friends have asked me to help them with computer problems, and I have the same policy with them. You\'ve got to take a stand somewhere.

    At my day job, we have purchased most of the major libraries for Giga. I could easily have taken them home to use there as well, but anything I use at home, I buy there as well. No way I can afford the same ones we have at work, but that\'s life.

    Be proud that you have morals, and thank your parents for teaching you its wrong to steal.

    -- Martin

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