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Topic: Anyone using a chair mounted mouse or keyboard?

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    Anyone using a chair mounted mouse or keyboard?

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    I\'m experiencing some aches and pains using a mouse keyboard placed directly on a Triton Pro X, similar to what I see many other composers doing. After long hours my mouse arm is killing me - not to mention risk of carpal tunnel etc. The computer keyboard placement is not that big of a deal- its mainly the mouse which gives me problems.

    I found the following links and am curious if anyone is using something like this, or can recommend other brands. Better yet, does anyone else have solutions that I haven\'t thought of??





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    Re: Anyone using a chair mounted mouse or keyboard?

    Those things are frakken *ridiculous*! I\'d try putting the mouse on a small tray off to the side of your chair before buying something that silly. Or try rigging a keyboard/mouse tray so it\'s in front of your Triton, if you prefer that position.

    My ergonomic solution - which, I have to admit, took me years to figure out! - is to have a sliding desktop right over my controller keyboard. The computer keyboard and mouse are right behind the piano keys when I\'m writing; then if I\'m doing anything with the computer for any extended period of time, I just slide the desktop back to my belly. It takes less than two seconds to move the desk between the two positions.

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    Re: Anyone using a chair mounted mouse or keyboard?

    I just bought one last week, and I *love* it. They\'re kind of pricey, but boy is it worth it when you sit on your rear end all day long.

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    Re: Anyone using a chair mounted mouse or keyboard?

    That is pretty silly. I wouldn\'t buy a product like that. Looks like an unimaginative attempt to rip off \"The Matrix\". In other words, I agree with Sharmy and Nick.

    I don\'t have any aches/pains, and I have my keyboard & mouse in front of my piano controller. It may also be related to what chair your using. The clearance special from Office Max isn\'t going to do your back/sholder/arm any favors.
    I would put money into a good quality chair. The Herman Miller Aeron chairs seem to have been a composers standard now for around 7 years.

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    Re: Anyone using a chair mounted mouse or keyboard?

    have you tried using a track pad? I have been using a Cirque track pad and a mini PC keyboard sitting on top of my Triton for about 5 years comfortably.

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